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Sommaire - Studdogs - Rydeen Blaze of Glory - 19-04-2024




International Ch, German Ch VDH, German Ch Club, Clubsieger 2014, German Yth Ch VDH, German Yth Ch Club

Né le - D.O.B. 28-10-2008
Père - Father Bogart of Lowlands Green Valley
Mère - Mother Ch. Believe in Love of Slatestone
AOC/CEA Indemne d'AOC - Cea/Pra/Kat free
MDR1 (-/-)   [..Infos..]




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Elevage Rydeen Collies

Hans-Jürgen Glöckner

Thälmannstr. 3 B

D-39175 Heyrothsberge / Magdeburg


Téléphone: 0049 39292 720 960 - 0049 172 3905 306

Fax 0049 391 81 888 43



         Plan d'accès - Kennel map

Latitude: 52.138069
Longitude: 11.733956
Latitude: 52°8'17.05"N
Longitude: 11°44'2.24"E
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         Dans les expositions - In the show ring

Principaux résultats en exposition
1 Exc CAC-J Bremen 02.08.2009 National Judge Peter Fricke (Rosegarden)
Mitch has won the youth class at his first show as a nine months and 5 days young boy, we were thrilled !
1 Exc CAC-J Mölln 09.08.2009 CAC Judge Jack Wigglesworth (Sandiacre)
it is unbelievable ... two shows ... two CAC's ... many thanks to the both judges concerning !!!
2 Exc RCAC-J Berlin 16.08.2009 CAC Judge Erika Heintz (Stormarner Land)
1 Exc CAC-J Leipzig 12.09.2009 CACIB Judge Judith Papp HU (Silver Dream)
and now he fulfils with only then months both German Youth Champion titles VDH and Club !!!
1 Exc CAC and CACIB Dresden 11.04.2010 CACIB Judge Ildiko Muszlai HU (Double Scotch) ...... our young lad ... a so wonderful success ... you can imagine ... we were thrilled ..!!
2 Exc RCAC Brietz 02.05.2010 CAC Judge Uwe Nölke (Roysta)
2 Exc RCAC, RCACIB Dortmund 08.05.2010 ESA Judge Uwe Nölke (Roysta)
" Vice European Winner " indeed a super result for our eighteen months young dog, especially it's being valid as a full CAC !
1 Exc CAC Rastede 13.05.2010 CAC Judge Geoff Duffield (Angelfield)
1 Exc CAC Penig 16.05.2010 CAC Judge Jimmy Tait (Aberthorne)
1 Ecx CAC, RCACIB Giessen CACIB Judge Uwe Nölke (Roysta)
1 Exc CAC, CACIB, Erfurt 13.06.2010 CACIB Judge Judith Papp HU (Silver Dream)
1 Exc CAC, CACIB Leeuwarden 25.04.2011 CACIB Judge Sandra Wigglesworth ( Sandiacre )
"His third CACIB with only two years, an unbelievable result, especially in the Netherlands, we are very proud and happy !!
And we say our hearty hearty Thankyou to Mrs Sandra Wigglesworth for thinking so highly of our young lad
1 Exc CAC Bad Salzhausen 05.06.2011 CAC Judge Gwen Beaden ( Myriehewe )
...what a great day ... with this success out of fifteen dogs in open class he still got his eighth CAC and fulfils now the conditions for both German Champion titles:
German Champion VDH and German Champion Club !!
1 EXC CAC Magdeburg 12.06.2011 CAC Judge Geoff Duffield ( Angelfield )
1 EXC CAC, RCACIB Klagenfurt 18.6.2011 CACIB Judge Andras Korrozs
1 Exc CAC, CACIB Kortrijk, Belgium 20.11.2011 CACIB Judge Sandra Wigglesworth (Sandiacre)
With just three years our Mitch won his fourth CACIB and fulfils his International Champion title in a great style !!
Our first home breeding International Champion, we are so proud and happy and send our hearty Thankyou to
Mrs Wigglesworth for loving our favorite so much !!! And for crowning the show our Princess won Best of Breed !!
1 Exc CAC Magdeburg 27.05.2012 CAC Judge Jimmy Tait (Aberthorne)
1 Exc CAC, BOB Peine 17.06.2012 CAC Judge Peter Muszlai ( Double Scotch )
Mitch won the champion class and for the crowning " Best of Breed " !!! .. our hearty thanks to Peter Muzslai !!
1 Exc CAC, BOB Oelde 22.07.2012 CAC Judge Caz Waterhouse ( Lynmead )
Mitch again won the championclass out of three good-looking guys and finaly again he went on to the " Best of Breed " !!! We had a wonderful day with our beloved Mitch !
Our greatful Thankyou goes to the wonderful special breed judge Caz Waterhouse from the famous Lynmead kennel !
1 Exc CAC Magdeburg 08.06.2014 CAC Judge Terry McGowan ( Westoak )
1 Exc CAC, Clubsieger, BOB, RBIS Peine 22.06.2014 Clubsiegershow Judge Ildiko Muszlai ( Double Scotch )
Mitch had a unbelievable succes at the CfbrH Clubsiegershow, he won the Championclass, then Best Dog and Clubsieger,
went on to Best of Breed and finally he got RBIS ! We are so proud and happy say a hearty Thankyou to Mrs Ildikò Muszlai !!!
1 Exc CAC, BOB, Peine 29.05.2016 CAC Judge Harald Steinmetz
A "live" photo of my " Best of Breed " in Peine -2016 !
Int Ch Rydeen Blaze of Glory !! ... ( with well groomed hair of the dog .. only the breeder little destroyed ). Many thanks again to the judge Mr Steinmetz for thinking so highly about my Mitch boy !
1 Exc CAC, BOB, BIS, Hirschaid 24.07.2016 CAC Judge Claus-Peter Fricke
" BEST in SHOW " !!!! INT CH RYDEEN BLAZE OF GLORY yesterday has won the "German Clubsieger Show" in Hirschaid with Exc1, CAC in champion class, then "Best Dog" and the title "Clubsieger 2016", the dream goes on with "Best of Breed" and finally in the late evening he won "Best in Show" from 208 entries of british herding dogs ! Here the BIS photo with the three judges Erika Heintz, Heidi Poschacher and Claus-Peter Fricke with my great great Thankyou for thinking so highly about my Mitch !
1 Exc CAC, CACIB Leipzig 20.08.2016 CACIB Judge Ildiko Muszlai (Double Scotch)
1 Exc CAC, BOB & BIS Bad Soden, 21.08.2016 SRA Judge Monika Rasche (Dirasca)
... Mitch did it again ... won Champion class, Best of Breed and finaly BEST IN SHOW !! A big thanks Monika Rasche !
Titles = International Champion, German Champion VDH, German Champion Club, Clubsieger 2014 & 2016, German Youth Champion VDH, German Youth Champion Club, 2 BIS, 1 RBIS, 6 BOB, 5 CACIB, 3 RCACIB, 22 CAC, 3 CAC-J, 2 RCAC-J


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Andy von der Sheltiebande25-09-2011
MDR1 (-/-)
Angel von der Sheltiebande25-09-2011
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Angelfield Heaven Can Wait (Ch)27-05-2013
GB Champion
Angelfield Taittinger27-05-2013
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Leilani von der Sheltiebande27-10-2010
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Lester vom Herrngarten12-05-2015
Loreèn von der Sheltiebande27-10-2010
Love Story of a New Horizon2014
Melina vom Traumland Woblitz-See22-01-2017
HD A/A, ED 0/0, CEA/PRA/kat. free
Mitch Design May vom Traumland Woblitz-See22-01-2017
Nothing But Love of a New Horizon18-05-2013
Real Love of a New Horizon18-05-2013
Rydeen Keep on Running23-05-2013
Rydeen Key to Your Heart23-05-2013
MDR1 (-/-)
Rydeen King of Love23-05-2013
MDR1 (-/-)
Rydeen Kiss the Rainbow23-05-2013
MDR1 (-/-)
Rydeen Knight of Roses23-05-2013
Rydeen Knows Your Dreams23-05-2013
MDR1 (-/-)
Rydeen Let The Sunshine In (Ch)31-08-2013
German Champion MDR1 (-/-) by parentage
Rydeen Listen to the Music31-08-2013
MDR1 (-/-) by parentage
Rydeen Little Richard31-08-2013
MDR1 (-/-) by parentage
Someone to Love of a New Horizon18-05-2013
Toffilu's Edge of Glory17-11-2012
Toffilu's Electrical Feeling17-11-2012
Toffilu's Euphoria17-11-2012
Toffilu's Everybody Will Talk About You17-11-2012
True Love of a New Horizon (Ch)18-05-2013
Victim of Love of a New Horizon18-05-2013


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