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Quelques médicaments peuvent être dangereux pour nos Colleys. Consultez ce dossier pour tout savoir au sujet de MDR1.


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Né le - D.O.B. 19-05-2008
Père - Father Ch. Vertige de l'Amour des Marécages du Prince
Mère - Mother Walk of Fame of The Loving Collies
AOC/CEA CEA/PRA - clear/exempt (7 weeks)
Test ADN - DNA Yes/Oui (DNA profil ISAG 2006)
MDR1 ((+/-))   [..Infos..]

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Elevage Of the Loving Collies

Marian van Loo

Doetinchemseweg 13 A

NL-7036AB Loerbeek


Téléphone: 0031316 531771 - 0031650924331

Member of the Collieclub in the Netherlands



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Latitude: 51.955578
Longitude: 6.221991
Latitude: 51°57'20.08"N
Longitude: 6°13'19.17"E
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Principaux résultats en exposition
Hazerswoude(NL) 14-03-2009 JK. 2U
Leeuwarden(NL) 13-04-2009 JK. 2U
25-04-2010 3 Exc. KCM (NL) judge P.Bailey
08-05-2010 2 Exc. Genk (B) judge B.Hawkins
13-05-2010 1 Exc. Joe Kat Show Arnhem (NL)judge M.Wibier
Zwolle IJsselshow 09-10-2010 Open Class 1U CACIB judge M. Casling
Utrecht 23-10-2010 Open Class 3 U judge R.Santen


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Absolute Love Affaire Endless Ocean17-05-2013
MDR1 (-/-)
Adeline Blue Beauty Endless Ocean (Ch)17-05-2013
MDR1 (+/-)
Aglasis Akwe25-04-2011
Aglasis Anulika in Blue (Ch)25-04-2011
CEA-affectet PRA/KAT frei, HD A - Österreichischer Champion MDR1 (-/-)
Anjali Black Pearl Endless Ocean17-05-2013
MDR1 (-/-)
Benjana Blue vom Lambertztal17-08-2014
Between Two Lovers Baska's Collies30-05-2014
Black Emotion vom Paradies20-12-2009
Caledonian Magic Midnight08-01-2012
Camaro U4-Ever07-12-2009
MDR1 (+/-)
Camaro Under The Blue Moon07-12-2009
MDR1 (+/+)
Camaro Unesco-Sierra's Magic Boy07-12-2009
Cea/Pra/Kat frei - MDR1 (-/-)
Camaro Unforgettable (Ch)07-12-2009
Cea/Pra/Kat frei - Deutscher Ch VDH, Deutscher Ch Club MDR1 (+/+)
Camaro Unico-Neo07-12-2009
MDR1 (+/+)
Camaro Unique Charm07-12-2009
MDR1 (-/-)
Camaro Unlimited Love Silver Timmy07-12-2009
MDR1 (+/-)
Camaro Up to Date07-12-2009
MDR1 (+/-)
Camaro Walking on Sunshine13-09-2010
MDR1 (-/-)
Camaro Windstorm13-09-2010
Cea frei, MDR1 (+/-)
Camaro Wishful Dream13-09-2010
Cea frei, MDR1 (+/-)
Camaro Womanizer13-09-2010
Cea frei, MDR1 (+/-)
Camaro Wondergirl13-09-2010
Cea frei, HD B MDR1 (+/-)
Camaro X'Fighter for Love27-05-2011
Cea/Pra/Kat frei
Camaro X'Golden Hope27-05-2011
Cea/Pra/Kat frei
Camaro X'Never Give Up27-05-2011
Chounic's Clyde04-06-2011
Cea/Pra/Cat free, HD A, MDR1 (+/+) DM (+/-)
Destiny Vom Waldecker Tor13-09-2013
Easy To Love Baska's Collies30-05-2014
Elegance in Blue vom Paradies20-12-2009
Elliot Lake's Gentle Lion18-01-2010
Elliot Lake's Glamour Girl18-01-2010
MDR1 (+/-)
Elliot Lake's Golden Nugget18-01-2010
MDR1 (+/-)
Elliot Lake's Groovy Rhythm18-01-2010
Elliot Lake's Ground Zero18-01-2010
Endless Blue Love vom Paradies20-12-2009
Espresso vom Paradies20-12-2009
Everblue's Special Jewel vom Paradies20-12-2009
Cea clear
Exquisite Blue Sensation vom Paradies20-12-2009
Extra Sweet vom Paradies20-12-2009
Fair Flush From The Scottish Valley24-06-2014
Feet in The Clouds of Everblue2010
Feline Bleu de Bazaree l'Avenir09-05-2010
Flower Power in Silver of Everblue15-04-2010
Garon Sonly de Bazaree l'Avenir09-05-2010
Grace Kelly of Mountain Rose17-06-2013
Gwendolyn Fay Of The Gentle Collies28-02-2011
Cea/Pra free at 7 weeks - MDR1 (+/-)
Gypsy in My Soul Of Mountain Rose17-06-2013
MDR1 (-/-)
Heartbreaker of the Landlord's Pride14-03-2010
Honeybee of the Landlord's Pride14-03-2010
MDR1 (+/-)
Huckleberry Fin of the Landlord's Pride14-03-2010

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