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    Sommaire - Studdogs - Nyitramenti Zinedine Zidane - 22-08-2018




    Slovenian Junior Champion, Hungarian Champion, Hungarian Grand Champion

    Né le - D.O.B. 25-06-2008
    Père - Father Ch. Kõakói Terry Tramp
    Mère - Mother Ch. Snow Stail Goddess
    AOC/CEA Indemne AOC - CEA/PRA - clear/exempt
    HD HD A/A - ED 0/0
    MDR1 (+/-)   [..Infos..]
    DM (+/+)   [..Infos..]




             Contacter l'éleveur - My address

    Elevage Nyitramenti

    Elena Balázsovits

    Margit u.4

    Göd 2132


    Téléphone: + 36 27 330 522 - + 36 30 529 00 71

    Member of Hungarian Collie, Sheltie, Corgi club



             Plan d'accès - Kennel map

    Latitude: 47.702663
    Longitude: 19.145012
    Latitude: 47°42'9.59"N
    Longitude: 19°8'42.04"E
    Kennel location for your GPS

             Dans les expositions - In the show ring

    Principaux résultats en exposition
    1st Exc., HPJ in youth class in Szilvásvárad (H) international show CACIB 11.04.2009, judge Mr J.Catliff (GB)
    3rd Exc. In youth class in Szilvásvárad (H) Hungarian club show 12.04.2009, judge Mrs J.Catliff (GB)
    1st Exc., PRM in youth class in Maribor (Si) national show CAC 19.04.2009, judge Mrs M.Kavcic (Si)
    2st Exc. in youth class in Bratislava (SK) international show CACIB 10.05.2009, judge Mr T.Gellen (H)
    1st Exc., CAJC in youth class in Bratislava (SK) international show CACIB 11.05.2009, judge Mrs N.Nekrosiene (LT)
    1st Exc., PRM in youth class in Portoroz (CRO) international show CACIB 06.06.2009, judge Mrs B.Petkevicsa (LTV)
    2nd Exc. in youth class in Portoroz (CRO) international show CACIB 07.06.2009, judge Mr C. Stefanescu (Ro)
    1st Exc., PRM in youth class in Trbovlje (Si) national show CAC 30.08.2009, judge Mrs O.Kuprijanova (Si), Slovenian Junior Champion
    1st Exc., CAC, Res.CACIB in intermediate class in Miskolc (H) international show CACIB 11.04.2010, judge Mr P. Muntean (Ro)
    1st Exc., CAC in intermediate class in Salgotarjan (H) national show CAC 08.05.2010, judge Mr B. P.Szabó (H)
    1st Exc., CAC in intermediate class in Komárom (H) Hungarian club show 24.05.2010, judge Mrs R.Wagner (Lux)
    1st Exc., CAC in open class in Komárom (H) International CACIB show 16.10.2010, judge Mr P.Harsányi (H)
    1st Exc., CAC, BOB in open class in Szentedre (H) National CAC show 16.10.2011, judge Mr S.Szabó (H), Hungarian Champion
    1st Exc., CAC, Res.CACIB in champion class in Budapest (H) International CACIB show 19.02.2012, judge Mr J.Walsh (IRL)
    2st Exc., Res.CAC in champion class in Anif (A) World club show 20.05.2012, judge Mrs V.Geddes (GB)
    1st Exc., CAC, CACIB, BOB in champion class in Székefehérvár (H) International CACIB show 09.09.2012, judge Mr V.Kardos (H)
    1st Exc., CAC, CACIB in champion class in Budapest (H) International CACIB show 14.02.2013, judge Mr S.Szabó (H)
    2nd Exc., Res.CAC, Res.CACIB in champion class in Graz (A) International CACIB show 03.03.2013, judge Mr V.Kardos (H)
    1st Exc., CAC in Champion class in Papa (H) National show 06.04.2013, judge Mr D.Javor , Hungarian Grand Champion


             Descendance - Offspring

     Search children in the database: 48 results
     Descendance de Nyitramenti Zinedine Zidane: 48 réponses

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    Amulet Of Gold All My Loving2013
    DM (+/+) by parentage
    Amulet Of Gold Alter Ego15-02-2013
    DM (+/+) by parentage
    Aydeen A Touch of Heaven21-04-2011
    Cea1/RD/Pra/HR/Phtvl free, , Junior World Winner 2012, JCH Slo, Hr Slovenian, Croatian Ju....... MDR1 (+/-) DM (+/+)
    Aydeen Ablazed Extravaganza at Krystalmist21-04-2011
    Cea1/RD/Pra/HR/Phtvl free, - MDR1 (-/-) DM (+/+) CEA (-/-)
    Aydeen Ace of Spades21-04-2011
    Cea1/RD/Pra/HR/Phtvl free, MDR1 (-/-)
    Aydeen All That Jazz21-04-2011
    Cea1/RD/Pra/HR/Phtvl free
    Aydeen Amber Firefly21-04-2011
    Cea1/RD/Pra/HR/Phtvl free, HD A/A, E 0/0
    Aydeen April Dream21-04-2011
    Cea1/RD/Pra/HR/Phtvl free
    Aydeen Arrow of Luck21-04-2011
    Cea1/RD/Pra/HR/Phtvl free
    Benedister Benson2014
    Benedister Brill26-11-2014
    Charlottesville Adagio27-12-2009
    Charlottesville Annabella27-12-2009
    Glen Du Soleil Afresca21-01-2013
    MDR1 (-/-) DM (+/-) by parentage
    Glen Du Soleil Alessia21-01-2013
    DM (+/-) by parentage
    Glen Du Soleil Aragorn21-01-2013
    DM (+/-) by parentage
    Glen Du Soleil Ardenta21-01-2013
    Cea/Pra/Kat free, RD free (clinical) DM (+/-) by parentage
    Glen Du Soleil Arisha (Ch)21-01-2013
    Cea/Pra/cataract free, RD free, HD A, ED 0, Rus Jun Ch, Ch Rus, RKF, LT, Herding Instinct ....... MDR1 (-/-) DM (+/-) CEA (-/-) PRA (+/+)
    Glen Du Soleil Asgard21-01-2013
    Cea/Pra/Kat free, RD free (clinical) DM (+/-) by parentage
    I Want You To Need Me of Silverlight03-07-2010
    It is a Lady of Silverlight03-07-2010
    Kimberlit Pride Beethoven2016
    Nyitramenti Chloé of Radway16-11-2012
    Nyitramenti Clarins of Radway (Ch)16-11-2012
    Cea/Pra/Cat clinical clear, HD B/B - European Winner, International Ch, Hungarian Ch, Germ....... MDR1 (+/-) DM (+/+)
    Nyitramenti Fire Dancer Of Radway19-12-2017
    Nyitramenti Harley Davidson14-02-2011
    Nyitramenti Jaffa (Ch)26-03-2012
    Serbian Ch MDR1 (+/+) DM (+/+)
    Nyitramenti Jemtia26-03-2012
    Nyitramenti Jim Dandy26-03-2012
    MDR1 (+/+) DM (+/-)
    Nyitramenti Jonathan (Ch)26-03-2012
    Ukrainian Ch
    Nyitramenti Lavanda2013
    Nyitramenti Looks Like Goddess04-09-2013
    Nyitramenti Piccadilly21-03-2015
    DM (+/-)
    Nyitramenti Pompadour Madame21-03-2015
    MDR1 (+/-) DM (+/+)
    Nyitramenti Port Arthur21-03-2015
    Nyitramenti Premiere21-03-2015
    DM (+/-)
    Nyitramenti Prime Time19-03-2015
    Rineweld Jack O'Neil26-11-2012
    DM (+/-) by parentage
    Rineweld Jilliant The Golden Blaze26-11-2012
    Campion Romania Juniori, Hungária Junior Champion MDR1 (+/-) DM (+/-)
    Rineweld Jim Joy Ash26-11-2012
    DM (+/-) by parentage
    Sunmore Adorable Amazon (Ch)25-12-2010
    Sunmore Arch-Eyed25-12-2010
    Yankee Blue Mountains Talisman10-12-2017
    Yankee Blue Mountains Thunder10-12-2017
    Yankee Blue Mountains Toscana10-12-2017
    Yankee Blue Mountains Trendi10-12-2017
    Zealot Gold Fantazija (Ch)06-09-2011
    DK JW-12, DK Ch, NO Ch, LT Ch, LV Ch, EE Ch
    Zenana For Heidelind Fantazija (Ch)06-09-2011
    LT Ch, LV Ch, EE Ch, BALT Ch


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