Zunrise Avenue vom Haus Rukopf Nemo Sea Warrior Of Kingly Shine Lewellen's Midnight Eclipse Bonayr's Classic Nordic Diamond of Silverwind Foremost Telescopic
Storms Nordic Bombshell
Bonayr's Angel Wings Bonayr's Little Rascal
Sonics First Love
Lewellen's Light of Gold Ch. Gambit's Trick of Light Ch. Afterhours Colour Of The Wind
Gambit's Playing With Fire
Lewellen's Ballerina Lewellen's Blazen Beauty
Silverwinds Ebony Diamond
Silver Unicorn of Kingly Shine Bonayr's CA Silver Rush Bonayr's Dominic Bonayr's Auld Lang Syne
Bonayr's Easy Lovin'
Bonayr's Patchwork Bonayr's Reflection
Bonayr's Bonne Annee
Black Classiel's Summer Night Ch. Snowpaw Wild Fiance Ch. Barksdale Stormsong
Snowpaw Jin-Go-Lo-Ba
Droplet's Female Friend Ch. Black Gary Friendly Face
Droplet's Daffodil
Romina von den Jurahügeln Corydon Moonshine Ch. Demelewis Dark Moon Driftin over Corydon Aqualita Class Act With Corydon Corydon Black Zambo
Aqualita Classic Gold
Corydon Be A Madam at Demelewis Ch. Phreelancer Phrosty Moon Over Corydon
Corydon Willa Bea
Mejola My Blue Heaven For Corydon Corydon Once in a Blue Moon Wicani Waltz of The New Moon
Demelewis Muffin Moon with Corydon
Corydon Coracat for Mejola Ch. Corydon Blackcat
Corydon Sudden Fancy
Jaya von den Jurahügeln Rossavon Moonlight Tango Wicani Waltz of The New Moon Wicani What's New Pussycat
Wicani Dances By Moonlight
Rossavon Kiss in the Dark Ch. Demelewis Dark Moon Driftin over Corydon
Rossavon Loves Young Dream
Black Holly vom Imchen Old Golden Gates Farndale Ch. Margaret's Dust Eclipse
Golden Gates Run Softly
Romantic Candlelight vom Traumland Woblitz-See Ch. Sir Henry von Belvedere
Sweety's Ultra Marine vom Traumland Woblitz-See
Moonlight Maddison From Jenna's World Gunny Goethe vom Kath'lberg Wotan Blue Thunder of Kingly Shine Rainbow Delight's Best Friend Sam Mountain Mystique's Gold Mine Ch. Special Velvet Teddy Bear
Rainbow Delight's Gold Hill
Alchemy's Gift To Love Rainbow Delight's Clear Blue
A-Plus Lady Blackhawk
Bonayr's Heaven Sent Bonayr's Blueprint Bonayr's Future Impact
Bonayr's Razzle Dazzle
Bonayr's Black Lace Bonayr's Auld Lang Syne
Bonayr's Rosehill Dreamgirl
Cherry Caydin vom Kath'lberg Joana's Magic Goodbye Goethe Vancy Light My Fire of Kassiopeia Ch. Funky Town Percy of Kassiopeia
Paint in Love Pamina of Kassiopeia
Biene vom Hause Gunzelmann Antony von Cavalcanti
Alice von der Saalequelle
Anandi vom Kath'lberg Black Kilroy Of Kingly Shine Orient Express of Dawn Harbour
Blue Blossom of Kingly Shine
Iljana The Pride Of Rough's Alex vom Hefeler Land
Chiara The Pride of Rough's
Elizza Fire Under My Feet From Jenna's World Seryphina Touch of Luck Ch. Glasgowhill's With Pride at Wicani Ch. Glasgowhill's Be A Rockstar Ch. Glasgowhill's Winning Ticket
Glasgowhill's Dreams Come True
Glasgowhill's Rave Review Ch. Van-M That's The Ticket
Van-M Take A Gander
Seryphina Touch of Grace Wicani Nighthawk Wicani What's New Pussycat
Wicani Wrenee Dessard
Ch. Wicani Touch of Elegance at Seryphina Wicani Willow Pattern
Hadomars Touch of Darkness at Wicani
Hecrilean's As A Cloud in The Sky Amy Pahlex Money Don't Matter Ch. Tartanside Allegiance Ch. Fantasy's Bronze Talisman
Ch. Tartanside Aliage
Ch. Corydon La Suprema Ch. Corydon il Supremo
Corydon Sudden Fancy
Debby von den Ueckerwiesen C'Est si Bon von Crottorf Playboynero di Cambiano
Onyourwayblu di Cambiano
Akira vom Hahneflüsschen Kings Valley Born Free
Black Donna vom Hohen Lohr