Huckleberry Finn vom Neckarwiesenweg Mc Leod's Dressed To Impress Ch. Milas Illegal Latin Ch. Windhaven Stranger in Paradise Windhaven is Old Fashioned Way Ch. Lakefield Love in My Heart of Liable
Windhaven Amazing Grace
Windhaven Unchain My Heart Belo Antonio Do Belojô
Windhaven Sunset
Ch. Milas Latin Art Ch. Milas Latin Fever Ch. Windhaven Stranger in Paradise
Lakewinds Dancestep of Milas
Milas Scarborough First Seen Hi-Crest Infinity
Scarborough Etched in Lace
Dennisay's Miss Cover Girl Ch. Van-M Mercury The Biggest Star Ch. Van-M Make a Deal II Van-M Make a Play
Van-M Iron Pyrite
Van-M Twinkle's Apercu Van-M Make a Play
Van-M in a Twinkling
Van-M Elegance Miss Demeanor Van-M Vision See The Future Van-M Pal Joey II
Van-M Ticket Punch
Van-M Curfew Ch. Valiant Dark Secret
Van-M All Dolled Up
Yana Golden of Dawn Harbour Stonehaven's Corey Black Classiel's Shine of Gold Ch. Snowpaw Wild Fiancé Ch. Barksdale Stormsong
Snowpaw Jin-Go-Lo-Ba
Droplet's Female Friend Ch. Black Gary Friendly Face
Droplet's Daffodil
Black Glynis of Kingly Shine Blue Bear of Kingly Shine Tiamo's Black Gigolo
Ginger Moon Goddes van Bayren
McCloud's Magic Is Mine Ch. Heirlair Reap the Whirlwind
Ginger Black vom Ohmtalteufel
Annabell von den Dreizehnmorgen Orient Express of Dawn Harbour Gemstone's Impulsive Ch. Tartanside Impresario
Gemstone's Sweet Obsession
West River's Westein Wind Tartanside Preview
Ch. West River's Starry Starrynite
Yucca von den Dreizehnmorgen Rocky von den Dreizehnmorgen Yes vom Hause Reinhard
Odette von den Dreizehnmorgen
Brentley's Lena Ch. Tartanside Telecast
Ch. Brentley's Electra
Filaxburg's Lavender Dream Come True from Magnolia Ch. Barksdale Afterburn Ch. Fantasy's Bronze Talisman Ch. Vennessee's Midnight Edition Ch. Vennessee's Midnight Express Ch. Fury's The Spirit of Legends
Vennessee's Etched in Blue
Vennessee's Rambling Rose Ch. Vennessee's Future Impact
Ch. Vennessee's Gentry's Dandy Doll
Ch. Fantasy's Cover Girl Vennessee's Sculptured in Blue Ch. Vennessee's Vi-Lee's Venture
Vennessee's Etched in Blue
Fantasy's True of the Master Ch. Alfenloch Masterpiece
Fantasy's Dreams Come True
Ch. Barksdale Burning Daylight Ch. Barksdale Lochlaren Liaison Ch. Southland's Bowen Island Ch. Southland's Confederate Gray
Ch. Southland's Glorious Rebelle
Barksdale Body Double Ch. Twin City Secret Ambition
Ch. Barksdale Shenstone Sympatico
Marnus Living Daylights Ch. Barksdale Beneficiary Ch. Twin City Secret Ambition
Ch. Barksdale Shenstone Sympatico
Marnus Happy Go Lucky Ch. Marnus Gold Sovereign
Marnus Happy Days
Pine Cone Mountain Meadow Ch. Deep River Bow And Arrow Deep River Younghaven Alliance Tartanside Younghaven Yahoo Tartanside Absolute
Ch. Tartanside Foolproof
Ch. Younghaven's Early Frost Deep River Snow Clouds
Ch. Younghaven Deep River Rapids
Ch. Deep River's Bare Hugs Ch. Twin City Secret Ambition Ch. Long Acres Bronze Icon
Ch. Twin City Sacred Emotion
Deep River Karizma Honey Bare Pinewynd's Sparkling Brut
Karizma Dressed To Kill
Ch. Pine Cone Mountain Spring O'Deep River Ch. Westwood Steel Dust Deep River's Consider It Done Ch. Southland's Bowen Island
Deep River's A Glorious Light
Ch. Westwood All That Glitters Westwood Skyhawk
Ch. Westwood Strike A Pose
Ch. Bo-Dandy's Itsawig Mikar Deep River Cloud Cover Ch. Kitleigh Knickerboker
Ch. Deep River's A Walk In The Clouds
Joyland's After The Dream Pinewynd's Sparkling Brut
Ch. Joyland's Follow That Dream