Black Pearl Momo from Jenna's World McCLoud's Too Hot to Handle Taylor Pahlex Money Don't Matter Ch. Tartanside Allegiance Ch. Fantasy's Bronze Talisman Ch. Vennessee's Midnight Edition
Ch. Fantasy's Cover Girl
Ch. Tartanside Aliage Ch. Sealore's Grand Applause
Ch. Tartanside Arabesque
Ch. Corydon La Suprema Ch. Corydon il Supremo Ch. Sogno del Narciso With Pelido
Ch. Corydon la Stupenda
Corydon Sudden Fancy Corydon Sudden Impact
Corydon Gold Demelza
McCloud's Rumour Has it McCloud's Just A Shadow Corydon Demi Shadow Ch. Corydon Gold Spur
Corydon Gold Demelza
McCloud's Apple Blossom Kings Valley Covenant
Black Alison von der Allerheide
Ginger Black vom Ohmtalteufel McCloud's Blaze of Gold Heirlair All Fired Up
Black Alison von der Allerheide
Warja vom Ohmtalteufel Kings Valley Covenant
Quirina vom Ohmtalteufel
Margrave Hills Enchanting Witch Ch. Gold Digger of Netiv HaAyit Argent As Good As it Gets Ch. Tartanside Vanguard Ch. Countryview Golden Star
Tartanside Tantalize
Ch. Argent Extreme Badditude Ch. Twin Acres Dark And Dashing
Ch. Glen Hill Argent Super Nova
Ch. Kings Valley After All Ch. Kings Valley Illumination Kings Valley Frequent Flyer
Kings Valley Quicken
Ch. Marnus Day After Day Ch. Marnus Royal Gold
Ch. Marnus Day By Day
Ullsåsas Grace Superstjärna Ch. Seamist Starsquad Ch. HawkEire's Spirit O'Barksdale Ch. Barksdale Murphy of McLean
Tartanside Barksdale Mirage
Ch. Seamist Spot-On Ch. Zinnia's The Original
Seamist Semicat
Ullsåsas Alerta Blå Amy Rickmix Telluz Clown Ch. Steadlyn Totalizer
Madcap's Dream Darling
Shim's Talk About Black Magic Woman Ziglines Blue Shadow
Shim's I Am A Kind of Magic