Ethan Of Feeling For Nature 

Diamond Sky of Netiv HaAyit Blue Chip of Netiv HaAyit Ch. Silver Spirit of Netiv HaAyit Kings Valley Frequent Flyer Ch. Twin Oaks High Plains Drifter Ch. Twin Oaks Lawman
Twin Oaks Hear The Music
Kings Valley Rhyme and Reason Kings Valley Bright Future
Kings Valley Quicken
Ch. Moonlight Shadow of Netiv HaAyit Ch. Flyer of Netiv HaAyit Nea Konia's Black Running Mate
Ch. Aflame of Netiv HaAyit
Ch. Friby'n Indian Sunset Markhill's Midnight Love
RIffendahl Yverette Loozie
Ch. Kings Valley After All Ch. Kings Valley Illumination Kings Valley Frequent Flyer Ch. Twin Oaks High Plains Drifter
Kings Valley Rhyme and Reason
Kings Valley Quicken Ch. Gambit's Freeze Frame
Kings Valley Filibuster
Ch. Marnus Day After Day Ch. Marnus Royal Gold Ch. Marnus Golden Ruler
Ch. Marnus Irresistible
Ch. Marnus Day By Day Ch. Marnus Golden Ruler
Ch. Marnus Night And Day
Ch. Royalty of Netiv HaAyit Ch. Lowerpark Maharajah Moorland Ice Bear Ch. Karava Krugerman Ch. Keegan of Karava
Karava Komaneci
Moorland Joyful Ch. Karava Kornishman
Moorland Blue Enchantment
Lowerpark Mantilla Lace Ch. Corydon Tuck's Tiger Ch. Corydon Hot Rod
Corydon Polly Tucka
Lowerpark Speckleberry Ch. Lowerpark Star Spangled
Lowerpark Keepsake
Ch. Lakefield Love of my Life Ch. Lakefield Lover of Liable Ch. Windhaven Black Dollar Calandre of Countryside
Windhaven Amada Mia
Ch. Lakefield Last Song of Liable Ch. Lakefield Loaf
Lakefield Liable de São Luiz
Lakefield Like a Dream Show Do Belojo Ch. Lakefield Loaf
Liable Lena of Lakefield
Ch. Lakefield Lambada Ch. Lakefield Loaf
Milas Daydream Believer
Adanna Feeling For Nature Aaron vom Hahneflüsschen Kings Valley Born Free Lisara Kings Valley Kaper Lisara's Kodachrome Ch. Aryggeth Lisara Liaison
Lisara's Chasing Rainbows
Lisara's Touch of Scarlet Ch. Vennessee's Midnight Express
Ch. Lisara's Scarlet no Hair
Kings Valley Lioness O'Lyman Kings Valley Advise 'N' Consent Kings Valley Good Time Angel
Kings Valley Ivy League
Lyman's Holbrook Party Doll Handsum Holbrook
Highcroft D'Lite of Holbrook
Black Donna vom Hohen Lohr Earl von der Heiligen Eiche Black Fealty vom Ohmtalteufel Akim vom Bergkloster
Sweet Cassie vom Ohmtalteufel
Clarelin von der Heiligen Eiche Ra-Wyn's Black Panther
Bessy von der Heiligen Eiche
Anna vom Hohen Lohr Pascal-Carlo vom Windmühlenblick Black Lucifer von den Salzwiesen
Mandy vom Windmühlenblick
Iris vom Kreuzpark Limelight of The Colliery
Karava Kagney
Amina vom Schwarzen Feuer Alf vom Wilschgraben Gollo vom Heidemoor Bronco von Essex Dux vom Haus Daro
Ivy vom Rosenthaler Hof
Edda vom Sirius Björn vom Heidemoor
Bijou vom Sirius
Doreen Orankesee aus dem Hexenhaus Sea Dreamer's Rhapsody in Time Ch. Mirpet Red Baron
Baden Court Kiss And Be Friends
Golden Twiggy Condesa vom Orankesee Brettonpark Just in Time
Gold Hilla Condesa vom Orankesee
Cheyenne vom Bopparder Hamm Black Basko vom Knielohbach McCloud's American Fighter Kings Valley Covenant
Black Alison von der Allerheide
Zenzi vom Königshof Pascal-Carlo vom Windmühlenblick
Quendy vom Königshof
Canny Catja vom Schwarzen Blitz Lisara's Lucky Andy Ch. Donnybrooke's Silvernite
Ch. Lisara's is Chasing Rainbows
Tara-Tora vom Windmühlenblick Gollo vom Heidemoor
Mandy vom Windmühlenblick