Brookwood Sherman 

Goodwin's Tru-Vu Perfect Storm Glasgowhill's Goodwin Replay Blu Water's Wrath Of Khan Special Best Dressed List Ch. Special Sharp-Dressed Man
Special Gracie's For Me
Huntington's Everheart Whispering Wind Good Vibrations
Westwood Huntington Splendor
Glasgowhill's Tender Moment Ch. Glasgowhill's Looking Glass Ch. Glasgowhill's Winning Ticket
Glasgowhill's Dreams Come True
Glasgowhill's Got To Shine Glasgowhill's Euphoria
Glasgowhill's Mocha Latte
Glasgowhill's Captivating Ch. Glasgowhill's Heroic Sculpture Ch. Glasgowhill's Be A Rockstar Ch. Glasgowhill's Winning Ticket
Glasgowhill's Dreams Come True
Millcreek's Oh So Beautiful Hi-Crest Touch The Sun
Ch. Millcreek's Dream Chaser
Winsmore's Captivation Ch. Glasgowhill's Coloration Glasgowhill's Continental Dude
Glasgowhill's Va Va Voom
Ch. Glasgowhill's She's Adorable Ch. Glasgowhill's Let it Burn
Van-M Take A Gander
Brookwood Love You To The Moon And Back Brookwood New Moon Pizzazz Tuckers Silver Eclipse at Brookwood Van-M Wax And Wane Wicani Waltz of The New Moon
Van-M Daily Briefing
Van-M 'Twas An Epiphany Van-M Pilot Sully
Van-M Tippi Toes
Van-M Carry A Lil 'Torch Van-M Bring a Torch Van-M Ballot Under The Tree
Van-M Pop The Cork
Van-M Lil Iodine Van-M Good Fellow at Wicani
Van-M Glacier
Brookwood's Silver Halloh Of Love Thystle Downs Shadow Keeper Ch. Overland Black Market Overland in Suspense
Ch. Overland Powder Puff
Schaladon Diamonte Gone With The Wynd Ch. Tapestry South Wynd
Ch. Diamante's Chanel Egoiste
Van-M Wouldn't It Be Loverly Van-M Pilot Sully Van-M Vision See The Future
Van-M Pearly Girl
Van-M Rapid Romance Van-M River Rapids
Van-M Pal Joey's Sweetheart
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AVK: 95.16 - Perte d'Hétérozygotie (Ahnenverlust): 4.84% | COI:  0%
Genetic Health
CEA (+/+) [Infos  Stat]
COI: Coefficient Of Inbreeding
Inbreeding occurs when an individual has one or more common ancestors.
A common ancestor is one that is present on both sides of the pedigree.
COI shows the degree of relationship between the parents and indicates the possibility that two alleles of a gene are completely alike with another dog in the pedigree.
COI = F(x) + F(y)
Un chien est consanguin lorsqu'il a un ou plusieurs ancêtres communs présents sur les deux côtés (paternel et maternel) du pedigree. <br>
Le COI indique la probabilité que deux allèles d'un même gène d'un ancêtre soient identiques.<br>
Le calcul du COI étant la somme de tous les ancêtres communs identifiés dans le pedigree:<br>
COI = F (x) + F (y)
Color OFF:
pedigree shown without coloring of common ancestors.
Pedigree présenté sans mise en couleur des ancêtres communs.
1/2 color:
Soft colors for the common ancestors.
Mise en évidence des ancêtres communs en utilsant des couleurs douces.
Color ON:
Strong colors for the common ancestors.
Mise en évidence des ancêtres communs en utilsant des couleurs vives.
Pedigree displayed on 4 generations (4G).
Présentation du pedigree sur 4 générations (4G).
Pedigree displayed on 6 generations (6G).
Présentation du pedigree sur 6 générations (6G).