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 Wicani Wicked Indulgence:
 Children in the database: 26 results - Descendance: 26 réponses

Marvalan Black Diamond For Daccaria (Ch)30-12-2013
Polish Champion, Polish Veteran Champion
DM (+/+)

Marvalan Black Mist at Courthill30-12-2013
Cea1, Kat/Pra clinically free

Marvalan Black Northern Light For Crubow30-12-2013

Marvalan Black Promise For Silpion30-12-2013

Marvalan Black Shadow30-12-2013

Marvalan Black Tempest30-12-2013
MDR1 (-/-) DM (+/+)

Marvalan Blackened Sky30-12-2013

Marvalan Legend Of Love25-12-2016

Marvalan Let It Be Love25-12-2016

Marvalan Locked In Love25-12-2016

Marvalan Love Actually25-12-2016

Marvalan Love at First Sight25-12-2016

Marvalan Love Me Silpion25-12-2016

Marvalan Prince Endymion26-08-2015

Marvalan Princess Serenity26-08-2015

Wicani Blushing Innocence2011

Wicani Classic Renaissance31-10-2010
Cea/Pra clinically Clear
MDR1 (+/+) CEA (+/-) by parentage

Wicani Command Performance (Ch)01-11-2011

Wicani Dark Ambience31-10-2010
Cea clear -
MDR1 (+/-)

Wicani Dark Cadence31-10-2010
MDR1 (+/+) DM (+/+) CEA (+/-)

Wicani Essence of Magic01-11-2011
CEA clinically free/carrier
MDR1 (+/-) DM (+/+) CEA (+/-)

Wicani Golden Opulence31-10-2010
Cea clear - Pra clear -
MDR1 (+/+)

Wicani Hushed Reverence01-11-2011
MDR1 (+/-) DM (+/+)

Wicani Noble Allegiance01-11-2011
Cea clear, HD A
MDR1 (+/-) DM (+/+) CEA (-/-) PRA (+/+)

Wicani Regal Entrance01-11-2011

Wicani Timeless Elegance From Krystalmist31-10-2010
MDR1 (+/+) CEA (+/-)

 Wicani Wicked Indulgence:
 Children in the database:
26 results - Descendance: 26 réponses