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 Wicani What's New Pussycat:
 Children in the database: 39 results - Descendance: 39 réponses

Bermajo Angel Dust20-05-2005

Catchwell Lone Ranger2008

Coarhabeg Born in A Blizzard31-01-2009

Coarhabeg Bright As A Button31-01-2009

Coarhabeg Dewdrops On Roses over Barrenclough21-10-2006

Coarhabeg Exquisite via Caprioara31-01-2009
MDR1 (+/-)

Coarhabeg Floral Dance21-10-2006

Hassallian Night Hawk11-05-2007
MDR1 (+/-)

Mysticteam Bond On Bond via Caprioara23-11-2006
MDR1 (+/-)

Mysticteam Quick Silver to Sassari23-11-2006

Mysticteam Winter Skies

Sassari Heart Breaker18-04-2007

Sassari Loveheart18-04-2007

Seryphina Dance of the Raven Moon26-10-2006
MDR1 (+/-)

Seryphina Dance of the Wild-Moon26-10-2006

Seryphina Dances at Midnight26-10-2006

Seryphina Dark Enchanter26-10-2006

Seryphina Faery Maiden26-10-2006

Seryphina Spellcaster26-10-2006

Seryphina Touch of Midnight26-10-2006

Seryphina Wild-Moon Dancer26-10-2007

Strobroy Optical Enigma for Wicani21-12-2007

Strobroy Prince of Darkness For Masisca21-12-2007

Wicani Black Magic Woman13-05-2006

Wicani Black Wizard13-05-2006

Wicani Catching Moonbeams over Draiochta13-11-2005

Wicani Catwalk Queen23-11-2004

Wicani Just William02-02-2006

Wicani Moonlight Serenade at Imaginist16-04-2009

Wicani Nighthawk26-04-2005
Cea clear -
MDR1 (+/+)

Wicani Pussycat Doll02-02-2006

Wicani Rolling Thunder13-11-2005
CEA clear

Wicani That Old Black Magic13-05-2006
MDR1 (+/+)

Wicani That Old Black Magic For Shandlmain12-05-2006
MDR1 (+/+)

Wicani The Black Mage (Ch)13-05-2006
LT JCh - LV JCh - LV Ch - BLR Ch - RUS Ch

Wicani Tiger Lily06-06-2006

Wicani Torchbearer02-08-2008
CEA Clear -
MDR1 (+/+)

Wicani Waltz of The New Moon13-11-2005
MDR1 (+/+)

Wicani When Stars Catch Fire Over Strobroy12-03-2008
Pra clear -
MDR1 (+/-)

 Wicani What's New Pussycat:
 Children in the database:
39 results - Descendance: 39 réponses