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Anglo-Saxon of Fothergill (Ch)

Born to Be Idol2006

Born to Be Inspiration2005

Careless Whisper Lovely Dream16-03-2007

Challenge Gold Moravia Classic02-07-2000

Christine Gold Moravia Classic02-07-2000

Clear Morning Glow Lovely Dream16-03-2007

Cloudless Sky Lovely Dream16-03-2007
PL Youth Champion

Country's Dream Flower in The Desert

Country's Dream Forever Fantasy (Ch)2000
Championne des Jeunes de Hongrie

Cute Candy Lovely Dream16-03-2007

Double Scotch Gold Old Spice (Ch)31-07-1999
Champion de Hongrie

Double Scotch Gold Olympica (Ch)31-07-1999
Championne de Hongrie

Double Scotch Gold Scarlett O'Hara23-04-2001

Double Scotch Gold Titanilla at Tridenti20-07-2001

Double Scotch Gold Tropical Snow20-07-2001

Double Scotch Gold Twister at Tridenti20-07-2001

Fontaneblui Gold Dear20-07-1999

Garon vom Grafenhaus24-01-2001

Garvin Vom Grafenhaus24-01-2001

Gavin vom Grafenhaus24-01-2001

Gilmor vom Grafenhaus24-01-2001

Gladies vom Grafenhaus24-01-2001

Golden Merle vom Grafenhaus24-01-2001

Griseldis vom Grafenhaus24-01-2001

Holiday Golden Lucky Romance (Ch)24-09-2000
Hungarian Champion

Holiday Golden Xpenderosa31-10-2002

Prince of Sunlight Nice Future25-04-2003
Cea/Pra/Cat/Rd clear - HD A

Prince of Sunlight Not For Sale25-04-2003

Silver Dream Quelques Fleurs18-02-2003

Silver Dream Question of Time18-02-2003

Silver Dream Quiet King

Wee King's Gold ATC

Wee-King's Gold Dejavu at Double Scotch14-11-2003
Cea/Pra/Cat free - HD free

 Video Star of Slatestone:
 Children in the database:
34 results - Descendance: 34 réponses