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 Van-M Good Fellow at Wicani:
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Aqualita Dr No

Churchoak Tattler With Wicani (Ch)01-04-2012
Isr JCh, Isr Ch.
MDR1 (+/+) DM (+/+) CEA (+/-) PRA (+/+)

Churchoak Temptress at Wicani01-04-2012
MDR1 (+/-) DM (+/+) CEA (+/-) PRA (+/+)

Churchoak Transcendence To Wicani01-04-2012

Churchoak Truly01-04-2012
DM (+/+) CEA (-/-) PRA (+/+)

Gemheid Wribbons of Light04-05-2012
MDR1 (+/-) CEA (+/+)

Imaginist Moves Like Jagger03-06-2012

Mc Leod's Key To My Heart (Ch)31-01-2015
JCh Peru, SICALAM Winner, Peru, Ecuator, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Andean, Lat.......

Mc Leod's Kindred Spirit30-01-2015

Mc Leod's Kleopatra2015

Orange Sunshine Over Wicani08-01-2015
MDR1 (+/+)

Rosscarr's Raising Chaos at Wicani (Ch)05-04-2013
HD A/B, ED 0/0 - CH Bulgaria
MDR1 (+/+) CEA (+/-)

Seryphina Silk'N Petticoats at Wicani02-09-2011

Seryphina So in Love With Bellawave02-09-2011
MDR1 (+/-)

Seryphina Storm Kissed

Seryphina Stormkissed02-09-2011
MDR1 (+/-)

Tangerine Dream at Wicani08-01-2015

Van-M Good Fellow's Puddin'

Van-M Lil Iodine

Van-M Most Happy Fellow

Van-M Sherpa

Velvet Underground at Wicani08-01-2015

Wicani Awakening2012
MDR1 (+/+) DM (+/+) CEA (+/-) PRA (+/+)

Wicani Awakening Sage

Wicani Blushing Innocence2011

Wicani Command Performance (Ch)01-11-2011

Wicani Enraptured03-03-2013
CEA (+/-) PRA (+/+)

Wicani Essence of Magic01-11-2011
CEA clinically free/carrier
MDR1 (+/-) DM (+/+) CEA (+/-)

Wicani Hushed Reverence01-11-2011
MDR1 (+/-) DM (+/+)

Wicani Magnum Opus03-03-2013

Wicani Noble Allegiance01-11-2011
Cea clear, HD A
MDR1 (+/-) DM (+/+) CEA (-/-) PRA (+/+)

Wicani Red Red Wine03-03-2013

Wicani Regal Entrance01-11-2011

Wicani Remastered03-03-2013

Wicani Something Blue09-03-2012
MDR1 (+/+)

Wicani Wind in her Hair
Cea clear, ,
MDR1 (+/+) DM (+/+)

Wing Commander at Wicani (Ch)20-09-2011
Champion Polski, Zwycińôzca Polski 2014

Wings Over Water Onto Stormsett20-09-2011

 Van-M Good Fellow at Wicani:
 Children in the database:
38 results - Descendance: 38 réponses