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 Riding's Deep in my Heart:
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Amalie Deep in My Soul (Ch)06-11-2000
Gb Champion

Bellivienne della Corona Ferrea

Belong To Me della Corona Ferrea

Black Diamond vom Lambertztal

Caledonian Ain't she an Angel

Chloe of Midnight Beauty16-03-2003

Collostar's Special Look Umberto12-09-1998

Cyrano of Midnight Beauty16-03-2003

Don Felippo vom Siebengebirge19-09-2005

Donna Farieba vom Siebengebirge19-09-2005

Femme Fatal Borning Snow

Femme Fatale Boning Snow24-05-2006

For My Love of Meadows28-09-2006

Fresena's Fly a Way10-03-2000
Cea/Pra/Kat frei - HD A -
MDR1 (+/-)

Future Harvest Born in Snow (Ch)24-05-2006

Golden Hearth of Deslin18-09-2004

Golden Summer Girl of Deslin

Here I Am of Tough Touch15-06-2003
Cea/Pra/Kat Clear

Here I Come of Tough Touch15-06-2003

Jackpot of Cedarwood19-06-2004

Jessie James of Cedarwood16-06-2004

Joybell of Cedarwood19-06-2004

Lansingh's Heidi04-04-2004

Lansingh's Hey Smart Ass04-04-2004

Lynnfield Waylon27-03-1999
Cea/Pra Clear - HD A

Malouine's Misty Star01-05-2004
Cea/Pra/Kat frei - HD A -
MDR1 (-/-)

Malouine's Moonlight Dancer01-05-2004

Malouine's Moonlight Dreamer01-05-2004

Malouine's Twilight Zone01-05-2004

Marouk van Bayren13-08-2000
HD-A - Cea Clear

New Surprise From Higher Grounds12-03-2003

New Wave from Higher Grounds12-03-2003
Cea/Pra Clear, HD A
MDR1 (+/-) DM (+/-)

Nice And Easy from Higher Grounds12/03/2003

No Nonsense From Higher Grounds12-03-2003
Cea Clear

Principal vom Dünnwalder Busch

Red Sun in the Night de Midland Valley2000

Rêverie de la Bergerie des Quatre Vents01-02-2000

Riding's Gina

Robin Hood de la Bergerie des Quatre Vents01-02-2000

Rosegarden Jumpin' Jazzy (Ch)

Roysta's Jolie Jacinthe10-11-2002

Roysta's Just a Dreamer10-11-2002
Cea/Pra Clear - HD Clear

Roysta's Just a Saint10-11-2002

Rubis Gold de Midland Valley10/04/2000
Indemne AOC - Hanches A/A

Shahdaroba's Tainted Love25-03-2000
HD Tc - Cea/Pra Clear

Shahdaroba's Tender Feelings (Ch)25-03-2000
Championne de Hollande et du Luxembourg

Shahdaroba's Tender Love With a Kiss (Ch)25-03-2000
Championne Internationale, de Belgique et de Hollande - RCAC KCM 2009

Starlenga Austin Powers02-02-2006
Junior Warrant

Starlenga Legally Blonde With Meryctin02-02-2006

Starlenga Show Girl With Geosamka02-02-2006

Timeless Twilight's Kind of Magic02/12/2000
HD Tc - Cea/Pra Clear

Timeless Twilight's Koh-I-Noor

Van Glenalan Dutch Belle28-12-2004
Cea/Pra Clear - HD A

Van Glenalan Dutch Boy28-12-2004

Van Glenalan Naïma28-12-2004

Xotic Lover of Slatestone (Ch)27-05-2000
Champion du Luxembourg - HD-B Cea/Pra free

Xplorer of Slatestone (Ch)27-05-2000
HD-A - Champ.Pl - Champ.Ua - Champ.Blr - Int Champ

 Riding's Deep in my Heart:
 Children in the database:
57 results - Descendance: 57 réponses