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 Pelido Forgotten Dreams:
 Children in the database: 73 results - Descendance: 73 réponses

Amalie Day Dreams (Ch)20-07-1993
Gb Champion

Amalie Remember Me20-04-1995

Amalie She's a Dream

Atendus Dash For Freedom22-07-1994

Atendus Search For Fame22-07-1994

Ballahanna Barney Rubble26-09-1999

Ballyhanna Barney Rubble

Balmireen Dream Child in Lositana13-11-1995

Clairone Lonely Dreamer With Pelido18-08-1996
Cea/Pra Clear

Clairone Simply A Dream18-08-1996

Colausco Carnival King07-07-2000

Colausco Cover Girl07-07-2000

Danrox Dreammaker01-07-1995

Danrox Gypsy Lace at Morvania01-07-1995

Danrox Precious Dreams to Lowella01-07-1995

Deanjan Del Boy17-01-1998

Dravahland Dollar11-04-1994

Dravahland Sweet Dreams11-04-1994

Duckslake Drummer Boy26-05-1995

Forgotten Love from Emryks

Gjetty du Dramont22-06-1992

Glenanior Gold Dream with Glenbowdene25-10-1997

Glenarior Gold Dream From Glenbowdene25-10-1997

Heighinglea Dream Boy at Jeadon18-04-2003

Heighinglea Dream Maker18-04-2003

Lanlin Make Mine A Double16-02-2002

Lanlin Viva Maria16-02-2002

Manby Free Lander01-09-1996

Markenfield's Caravan Caper12-07-1997

Markenfield's Caravan Capers12-07-1997
Cea/Pra Clear

Newloc Amber30-05-1997

Newloc In Your Dreams30-05-1997

Pelido Beautyful Dreamer at Tielgate15-12-1994

Pelido Bedtime Stories06-07-1993

Pelido Classic Touch22-06-1992

Pelido Fire Dancer22-06-1992

Pelido Forbidden Dreams11-01-1993

Pelido Forgotten Angel at Pellismer14-05-1995

Pelido Girl of My Dreams at Duckslake15-07-1994

Pelido Honey Dreams14-05-1995

Pelido Ladys Slipper of Deemar30-12-1992

Pelido Morse30-12-1992

Pelido Out of My Dreams15-07-1994

Pelido Secret Dream15-07-1994

Pelido Spice of Life10-08-1993

Pelido Summer Dream at Wynrose06-07-1993

Pelido Talk of the Town at Thornworth22-06-1992

Pelido Unchained Melody31-10-1993

Pepperstone Bo Peep01-05-1996

Pepperstone Bo-Peep

Pepperstone Piccolino01-05-1996

Samhaven Addiction (Ch)20-02-1997
Gb Champion - Junior Warrant

Samhaven Forgotten Charm (Ch)20-02-1997
Gb Champion - Cruft CC 2002

Samhaven Rare Gold at Nutslade20-02-1997

Sandiacre Sets Appeal

Sandiacre Social Climber (Ch)10-01-1993
Gb Champion

Shasam Sad Sweet Dreamer of Rayvel18-06-1994

Shasam Shan't Forget Me18-06-1994

Shasam Stone In Love With You18-06-1994

Silvermoor's Sparkling Wine

Silvermoor's Spritzer26-04-1996
CEA Clear

Sweet Melody of Rockspark11-05-1993

Tentola Daydream Believer at Jaysur10-07-1993

Tentola Everlasting Dream10-07-1993

Tentola Together Forever10-07-1993

Tielgate Tanto Fagasta at Tiganlea21-11-1997

Tielgate Tanto Fangasta at Tiganlea21-11-1997

Trenley Teaser20-03-1996

Trenley Treasure of Vorda20-03-1996

Yslann Island Mist10-10-1994

Yslann Sammie Jo10-10-1994

Yslann Shambles10-10-1994

Yslann Susie Wong10-10-1994

 Pelido Forgotten Dreams:
 Children in the database:
73 results - Descendance: 73 réponses