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 Lynway Seldom Sober:
 Children in the database: 62 results - Descendance: 62 réponses

Amalie Best Bitter (Ch)05-04-1989
NL Ch - LUX Ch - GB Ch - INT Ch - HD B

Amalie Mild And Bitter05-04-1989

Amalie Yorkshire Bitter at Cambiano05-04-1989

Ambergrove Mystic Maiden21-11-1986

Avenlor Black Taffeta01-05-1988

Avenlor L'Amour01-03-1988

Beauty Baby Gold Double Scotch (Ch)16-04-1990
Championne de Hongrie et Internationale

Believe on Happyness of Kassiopeia06-01-1994
HD-A - Cea/Pra/Cat Clear -
MDR1 (+/-)

Bewilder Boomerang of Kassiopeia06-01-1994
HD-B - Cea/Pra/Kat Clear -
MDR1 (+/-)

Black Baby Love of Dawn Harbour

Black Greif vom Schloss Ramstedt03-01-1994

Black-Yoster vom Wengerhof09-04-1990

Clorewood Fancy14-08-1986

Clorita Centrefold04-02-1987

Clorita Contemplation at Lynway (Ch)
Champion d'Allemagne et VDH - HD A

Darahill Digby Dazzler13-05-1987

Darahills Digby Dazzler (Ch)13-05-1987
Irish Champion

Darling vom Teufelsstein28-03-1990

Deganya Phantom of Gidea Park04-04-1991

Double Scotch Gold Fanny Girl

Double Scotch Gold First Class (Ch)

Double Scotch Gold Flamboyant (Ch)
Champion de Pologne

Emryks Love in The Mist (Ch)08-03-1988

Firestone Hot Toddy18-06-1987

Fresena's Anthony08-01-1991

Fresena's Black Tamara (Ch)29-08-1989
Championne d'Allemagne et VDH

Fresena's Why Not

Golden Game Future Vision01-06-1991
Cea/Pra/Kat frei - HD A2

Golden Game Glamour Girl06-06-1991

Golden Glenn vom Schloss Ramstedt

Golden Tiffany vom Schloss Ramstedt13-02-1991

Highnol Enchantress19-09-1987

Kezmar Dubonnet at Tyfield14-03-1988

Kezmar Kandy Kisses14-03-1988

Lady Tina of Galicia21-02-1987

Lynway Sweet As Honey18-06-1987

Lynway Sweet Harmony04-05-1987

Lynway Sweet Witch14-11-1986

Lynway Sweeter Than Wine02-04-1987

Mary Lou vom Grimmenstein

Pamelasue of The Colliery22-10-1991

Princess of the Colliery

Ready To Tease in Black von der Nieste23-06-1991

Roanburn Sucha Dream04-05-1987

Rosegarden's Nice Black Magic (Ch)12-05-1990
Champion d'Allemagne et VDH - Cea/Pra/Kat Clear - HD-A2

Rosegarden's Oh Sweet Candy12-08-1990
Dt.J.Ch - Cea/Pra/Cat Clear - HD-A

Rosegarden's Overjoyed Jeanie

Rosegarden's Petit Filou (Ch)

Rosegarden's Petite Câline
Cea/Pra Clear - HD A1

Rosegarden's Woopy Woodpecker09-02-1994

Russambro High Society25-02-1988

Russambro Vanity Fair25-02-1988

Sundaze of Lynway23-10-1988

Varney True vom Schloss Elkofen (Ch)06-07-1991

Wendardebs Andante of Abbestone16-02-1988

Xanty-Black vom Sand am Meer04-06-1993

Xaver-Black vom Sand am Meer04-06-1993

Xilly vom Sand am Meer04-06-1993

Xotty vom Sand am Meer04-06-1993

Yenni vom Wengerhof09-04-1990

Yocker vom Wengerhof09-04-1990

Yoster Vom Wengerhof09-04-1990

 Lynway Seldom Sober:
 Children in the database:
62 results - Descendance: 62 réponses