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 Lynmead Simply in My Soul:
 Children in the database: 63 results - Descendance: 63 réponses

Amalie Let Me Be at Collingvale31-07-2008
Eyes Go Normal - Hipe Score 0-0 - J.W.

Amalie Let's Fall in Love31-07-2008
Cea clear - Hips 3+3

Amalie Lets Get Special31-07-2008
Cea clear - HD A - 2ème Cl Intermédiaire ENE 2010

Amalie Lets Go Zexwood (Ch)31-07-2008
HD A, Cea/Pra/Kat free - SRB Ch 2010 74555,Youth(FCI-1) Sieger -BIH 2009

Amalie Loving Everblue31-07-2008
MDR1 (-/-) 5ème classe Intermédiaire ENE 2010

Amalie Prince of Love (Ch)08-11-2008
Cea/Pra/Kat frei - HD A - MDR1 (+/-) Deutscher Ch VDH und Club

Amalie Rock On Ross for Nutslade31-07-2008

Amalie Secret Lover08-11-2008
7ème Cl Intermédiaire ENE 2010

Amalie She's No Fool09-03-2007

Amalie Simply Amy01-06-2005
Cea Clear - Hips 3+2

Amalie Simply Do It31-07-2008

Amalie Soul Searcher09-03-2007

Amalie Such is Love with Cassaby08-11-2008
MDR1 (+/-)

Amalie Surrender My Soul09-03-2007

Amalie With Love (Ch)08-11-2008
N Ch

Belrah Secret Surprise28-07-2004

Brikaze Teddy Beddy Bear Taf

Chantique Simply A Star01-07-2010
Cea clear, MDR1 (+/-)

Chantique Simply Loopy17-04-2007

Chantique Simply Smashing with Rusforth17-04-2007
MDR1 (+/-)

Chantique Simply Sweet17-04-2007

Chopard Soul Star19-05-2010
Jun Ch

Danfrebek Double Take17-05-2008

Danfrebek Neena la Diva avec Sharla

Danfrebek Soul Dust at Rantara10-10-2005

Danfrebek Truly Devine at Annalee10-10-2005

Danfrebek Truly Mady Deeply With Alanita (Ch)10-10-2005
JW gained 2006, ShCM gained June 2010, Champion gained June 2010

Forgaill Cross The Channel To Lynmead12-03-2007
7ème Exc Cl Jeune ENE 2008 - 8ème Cl Eleveur ENE 2010

Jashika Musical Magic (Ch)02-01-2008
Russia Champion

Jaybid Simply a Dream

Jopium Simply Silk with Mertrisa22-08-2006

Jopium Touch of Soul for Triburle (Ch)22-08-2006
Junior Warrant - Gb Ch

Keikosands Simply Mcdreamy20-05-2010

Lynmead Amalie Smart Move25-06-2010

Lynmead Danfrebek Truly Yours10-10-2005

Lynmead Simply Love Me20-01-2009

Magenta Simply Charmed23-08-2005

Magenta Simply Gorgeous23-08-2005

Magenta Simply Wicked at Yslann23-08-2005

Mertrisa Bless My Soul06-03-2007

Monsolana Sunball11-11-2009

Monsolana Sunseall11-11-2009

Nashua della Corona Ferrea2009

New Approach della Corona Ferrea2009

Noli Me Tangere della Corona Ferrea2009

Nuage d'Or della Corona Ferrea2009

Rahlissa Because of Love01-07-2009

Redola Strike Gold05-03-2008

Redola Stuck On You22-09-2006

Redola Sugar 'N' Spice22-09-2006

Roanburn Simply Red (Ch)

Salsina Sealed With A Kiss19-09-2006

Salsina Show Stopper19-09-2006

Salsina Storm in A Teacup at Colyheart19-09-2006

Samhaven Krug (Ch)28-06-2008

Samhaven Taittinger 28-06-2008

Starlenga Mr Brookes11-05-2009

Starlenga Perry Mason11-05-2009

Starlenga Streetwalker11-05-2009

Wassail Cream Topping at Valeo30-12-2006

Wassail Rough Diamond (Ch)30-12-2006
Cea Clear - HD A - Norwegian Champion

Wassail Truly Scrumptious30-12-2006

Westoak Warlord17-12-2007

 Lynmead Simply in My Soul:
 Children in the database:
63 results - Descendance: 63 réponses