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[Collie: Watchul Eye]
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'T Majohof A Chance in a Lifetime2009
'T Majohof All Moonshine
'T Majohof Barranquilla Senna
HD B1 - Pra/Cea clear
'T Majohof Barranquilla Tessa28-02-1995
'T Majohof Bel Aethel29-12-2006
'T Majohof Blond Bear23-06-2010
'T Majohof German Affair
Cea/Pra Clear - HD A1
'T Majohof Golden Maid
'T Majohof Laika12-10-2002
'T Majohof One More Try03-02-2000
'T Majohof Seven off Nine
HD A - Cea/Pra free
'T Majohof Shady-Lady
HD B1 - Pra/Cea clear
'T Majohof Sheer Layback
'T Majohof Silence Whisper18-06-1997
'T Majohof Summer Sunset18-12-2007
A Beautiful Mind of The Biscuitbox14-05-2006
Cea/Pra/Kat Frei - (Testdatum: 9-2006)
A Big Hunk Sellinkcreekside31-05-2011
A Black Adonis Of The Windy Lands28-12-2011
Cea mild, Pra/Kat free
A Black Mybern de Florange07/07/1985
A Blue Pearl of the Holy Mountain (Ch)29-10-2008
CEA clear, Hips A/A - Croatian CH
A Blue Star is Born2008
A British Flame du Chant des Madones04-11-2005
A Diamond Dust Of The Windy Lands28-12-2011
Cea mild, Pra/Kat free
A Divine Deb de Florange09-05-1985
Indemne d'AOC (CEA free) - Femelle Recommandée
A Dream Come True Altoya25-01-2018
A Dream Come True van de Huszarstate31-08-2005
A Fairy Tale della Villa Mussoni2013
A Flaming Moe of Dirty Booties04-10-2006
Cea/Pra/Kat frei - HD A -
A Fresh Infusion With Funky Style04-07-2013
A Frosty Love of the Holy Mountain29-10-2008
A Giggle a Day of Everblue07-12-1985
A Golden Chip di Cambiano27-05-1980
A Guilty Apple du Chant des Madones04-06-2005
Femelle Recommandée
A Half in Blue from River Agara03-07-2008
A Happy Choice Iremir28-04-2013
A Hell A Minty18-06-2006
A Jéje Leneli27-06-2007
A Jewel of The Sunfields02/05/2001
A Kind of Blue Magic von Cavalcanti (Ch)01-04-1994
A Kind of Love vom Haus Rosenpracht06-03-2009
Cea/Pra/Kat frei
A Kind of Magic du Clos de Seawind28-09-2005
A Kind of Magic vom Haus Rosenpracht06-03-2009
A la Gloire de Mon Père des Menthes Sauvages2005
A Limited Edition of Cead Mille Failte11-11-2002
A Little Wonder Of The Windy Lands28-12-2011
Cea mild, Pra/Kat free
A Look of Love for Freyeve2005
A Love Affair des Marécages du Prince24-12-2005
A Love Affair of Aberthorne
A Love Affair of Everblue1985
A Love Blue Frosti vom Presseggersee05-01-2014
A Love Blue Sky vom Presseggersee05-01-2014
A Lovely Darling Gold des Stuarts de Boisbelle12-11-2005
Femelle Recommandée - 18ème Exc ENE 2009 (2 CACS, 2 RCACS, 1 CACIB)
A Mi M'Agrades Molt de Cal Farre22-03-2007
Indemne AOC - HD B/B
A Moment in Time at Lynmead21-07-2010
A Moment Like This of Burning Hill18-03-2017
A Mybern Boy de Florange07/07/1985
A new moon of Niarra07-06-2009
A New Tomorrow of a New Horizon01-03-1994
A Night at The Opera2010
A Piece of Sky of Paddington Station28-05-2007
A Propos Lerbynn04-06-2010
A Rainbow Luck Lovely of The Unicorn05-10-2003
A Ray Of Sunshine With Funky Style04-07-2013
A Regal Treasure Della Villa Mussoni2013
A Reve Black et Noir di Casa Bocci
A Shade Darker for Mallicot12-07-2002
A Slap 'N' Tickle of River Tweed19-08-2005
Prix d'Exellence en mars 2007
A Smartie Pants de Florange20-03-1985
A Society Lady de Florange14/04/1985
A Spring Time Lovely Dream30-05-2003
A Sunshine Lady vom Haus Rosenpracht06-03-2009
A Sweet Lullaby Of The Windy Lands (Ch)28-12-2011
Cea mild, Pra/Kat free - Ch Slo, Ch Cro, JCh Slo
A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever22-01-1999
A Touch of Frost des Marécages du Prince24-12-2005
HD A -
A Valorous Hero de Florange12/07/1985
A White Fang Brian Lovely Dream30-05-2003
A Willie Winkle de Florange20/03/1985
A'Dior Beverly Hills22-02-2010
A'Dior Dance In The Dark07-09-2013
A'Dior Fashion Blue Style11-06-2010
A'Dior Fifth Avenue (Ch)22-02-2010
HD A, PL Ch, VD Ch
A'Dior First Adventure16-10-2010
Pra/Kat frei, HD B1
A'Dior First Edition16-10-2010
A'Dior First Kiss (Ch)16-10-2010
Pra/Kat frei - HD A
A'Dior First Touch16-10-2010
A'Dior Gower Street22-02-2010
A'Dior Hollywood Boulevard22-02-2010
A'dior Just Dance07-09-2013
A'Dior Kiss Me Quick23-04-2012
Pra/Kat free (7 weeks, ECVO tested)
A'Dior Little Red Corvette28-09-2008
A'Dior Marry the Night07-09-2013
A'Dior Melrose Avenue22-02-2010
A'Dior Mercedes28-09-2008
A'Dior Perfect Catch2012
A'Dior Perfect Storm2012
A'dior Picture Perfect2012
A'Dior Riverside Drive22-02-2010
A'Dior Rodeo Drive22-02-2010
A'Dior Rolls Royce28-09-2008
A'Dior Royal Excellence28-12-2010

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Sea Dreamer's Dear Mr Fantasy
A'Dior Collies
Bjerringgaard Hansen  Stina & John
Egestraede 9a
DK-4720 Prasto
0045 55 99 29 17

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