DM: Degenerative Myelopathy / Myélopathie Dégénérative du chien âgé.

USA (OFFA) USA Allemagne (Laboklin)
Clear -> Normal (N/N)
Carrier -> Carrier (A/N)
At Risk -> At-Risk (A/A)
Mutation in a gene which is associated with development of degenerative myelopathy (DM). In that gene, the DNA occurs in two possible forms (or alleles).
The “G” allele is the predominant form in dogs that seldom or never develop DM; you can think of it as the “Good” allele.
The “A” allele is more frequent in dogs exhibiting clinical signs of DM; you can think of it as the “Affected” allele.

Normal: G/G
Carrier (A/G)
Affected (A/A)

Les chiens homozygotes normaux (N/N) ne font pas de DM, les sujets malades sont tous de génotype DM/DM mais inversement, tous les homozygotes mutés (DM/DM) ne présentent pas pour autant des troubles.

Normal: N/N
Carrier (N/DM)
Affected (DM/DM)

Règles de nommage Collie online: Autres conventions de nommage
(+/+) (N/N) (G/G) (N/N) Normal Normal Clear
(+/-) (A/N) (A/G) (N/DM) Carrier Carrier Carrier
(-/-) At Risk (A/A) (DM/DM) At Risk At Risk Affected

DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) Chiens testés (Tested dogs) 2329

  1. DM (+/+): 1486   (63.8%)
  2. DM (+/-): 748   (32.1%)
  3. DM (-/-): 95   (4.1%)
Collie DM