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2013, c'est l'année des I


Collie online vous propose quelques noms pour sortir des sentiers battus. Une source d'inspiration ou à utiliser directement.

Mais, au fait...! Pourquoi ces noms?
Avec Aniwa, nous vous proposons l'historique de ce système de lettrage.

Ce retour sur le passé nous incite aussi à illustrer ces 2 pages avec des photos de vieilles cartes postales ayant pour thème le Colley. Nous remercions ici Jean-Claude Agoutin (Elevage de Cabrenysset) qui a proposé à Collie online ces remarquables dessins pour publication.

2013, c'est l'année des I

1196 noms pour sortir des sentiers battus...!

  • I Ain't Coming Down
    I Ain't Done Wrong
    I Ain't Ever Satisfied
    I Ain't Goin' Down
    I Ain't Hearin' U
    I Ain't Hiding
    I Ain't Marching Anymore
    I Ain't Ready to Quit
    I Ain't the Same
    I Ain't Thru
    I Ain't Worried
    I Ain't Your Mama
    I Almost Do
    I Almost Told You That I Loved You
    I Alone
    I Always Knew
    I Am
    I Am A Cider Drinker
    I Am A Lonesome Hobo
    I Am A Rock
    I Am A Tangerine
    I Am Disappeared
    I Am Free
    I Am Just A Girl
    I Am Mine
    I Am Not A Human Being
    I Am Not A Robot
    I Am One
    I Am Only One
    I Am Second
    I Am The Beat
    I Am the Champion
    I Am the Law
    I Am The Narrator
    I Am the Rain
    I Am the Spider
    I Am The Sword
    I Am The Walrus
    I Am Thinking Of My Pickanniny Days
    I Am Trying To Remember
    I Am Woman
    I Am Your Leader
    I Am Your Man
    I Am Yours
    I And Love And You
    I Became a Prostitute
    I Been That Girl
    I Been to Georgia on a Fast Train
    I Beg Your Pardon
    I Believe
    I Believe I Can Fly
    I Believe In A Thing Called Love
    I Believe In Father Christmas
    I Believe In Love
    I Believe in Miracles
    I Belong To Glasgow
    I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
    I Blew A Little Blast On My Whistle
    I Cain't Say No
    I Call Your Name
    I Can
    I Can Barely Say
    I Can Be
    I Can Be a Frog
    I Can Change
    I Can Dream About You
    I Can Feel a Hot One
    I Can Feel You All Around Me
    I Can Hear Music
    I Can Help
    I Can Never Go Home Anymore
    I Can Only Imagine
    I Can See Clearly Now
    I Can See For Miles
    I Can See In Color
    I Can See It In Your Eyes
    I Can See Through You
    I Can See Your Spirit
    I Can Still Make Cheyenne
    I Can Take It From There
    I Can Talk
    I Can Tell
    I Can Transform Ya
    I Can Walk on Water
    I Cannot Sleep
    I Can't Be Satisfied
    I Can't Control Myself
    I Can't Dance
    I Can't Decide
    I Can't Explain
    I Can't Fight This Feeling
    I Can't Get Next To You
    I Can't Git A Nice Loaf A' Bread
    I Can't Give You Anything
    I Can't Go For That
    I Can't Go On Without You
    I Can't Hear The Music
    I Can't Hear You
    I Can't Help Falling in Love With You
    I Can't Help Myself
    I Can't Hold Back
    I Can't Live With You
    I Can't Love You Back
    I Can't Make You Love Me
    I Can't Outrun You
    I Can't Quit You Baby
    I Can't Stand It
    I Can't Stand Losing You
    I Can't Stand The Rain
    I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down
    I Can't Stay
    I Can't Stop Loving You
    I Can't Take My Eyes Off You
    I Can't Take You Anywhere
    I Can't Tell You Why
    I Can't Turn You Loose
    I Can't Wait
    I Can't Wake Up
    I Can't Watch This
    I Can't Write Left Handed
    I Care
    I Care for U
    I Carly Theme Song
    I Caught Fire
    I Cheat The Hangman
    I Choose You
    I Cigni Di Balaka
    I Close My Eyes
    I Come Alive
    I Confess
    I Constantly Thank God For Esteban
    I Could Be Happy
    I Could Be So Happy
    I Could Die For You
    I Could Have Lied
    I Could Kick Your Ass
    I Could Not Ask for More
    I Cry
    I Cut Like a Buffalo
    I Dare You
    I Decided
    I Did It
    I Did It All
    I Did What I Did For Maria
    I Didn't Drink
    I Didn't Know My Own Strength
    I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier
    I Died in Your Arms
    I Dig Love
    I Disappear
    I Do
    I Do It for Hip-Hop
    I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside
    I Do Love You
    I Do Not Hook Up
    I Do, Don't You
    I Don´t Want To Miss A Thing
    I Don't Believe You
    I Don't Belong
    I Don't Blame You
    I Don't Care
    I Don't Dance
    I Don't Deserve You
    I Don't Do Gentle
    I Don't Do Lonely Well
    I Don't Even Know Myself
    I Don't Feel Like Dancing
    I Don't Know Anybody Else
    I Don't Like
    I Don't Like Mondays
    I Don't Remember
    I Don't Wanna Dance
    I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement
    I Dont Wanna Stop
    I Don't Want To Go To School
    I Don't Want To Grow Up
    I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire
    I Don't Want To Wait
    I Drove All Night
    I Enjoy Being A Girl
    I Fall To Pieces
    I Feel A Change Comin' On
    I Feel Better
    I Feel Fine
    I Feel For You
    I Feel Free
    I Feel Good
    I Feel Home
    I Feel It in My Bones
    I Feel Like Dancin'
    I Feel Love
    I Feel My Stuff
    I Feel So
    I Feel So Good
    I Feel the Earth Move
    I Follow Rivers
    I Fought The Law
    I Found A New Love
    I Found Love In a Hopeless Place
    I Gave You My Heart
    I Get Around
    I Get Lifted
    I Get Lonely Too
    I Get Wicked
    I Go Crazy
    I Go Wild
    I Got 5 On It
    I Got a Name
    I Got It From My Mama
    I Got Nerve
    I Got Soul
    I Got The Blues
    I Got You
    I Got You Babe
    I Gotta Feelin'
    I Gotta Feeling
    I Grieve
    I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
    I Had A Baby
    I Had To Say It
    I Had Too Much to Dream
    I Hate Everything
    I Hate Jimmy Page
    I Hate Love
    I Hate Myself For Loving You
    I Hate Seagulls
    I Hate The Way
    I Hate This Part
    I Have A Dream
    I Have Been Around The World
    I Have Seen The Rain
    I Have the Touch
    I Have You To Thank
    I Haven't Seen Her in Ages
    I Hear a Symphony
    I Hear Voices
    I Hear You Knocking
    I Heard It Through The Grapevine
    I Heard Love Is Blind
    I Heard You
    I Hold Your Hand In Mine
    I Honestly Love You
    I Hope They Get to Me In Time
    I Hope You Dance
    I Hung My Head
    I Invented Sex
    I Just Call You Mine
    I Just Called to Say I Love You
    I Just Can't Get Enough
    I Just Can't Stop Loving You
    I Just Can't Wait To Be King
    I Just Fall in Love Again
    I Just Love You More
    I Just Shot John Lennon
    I Just Wanna
    I Just Wanna Be With You
    I Just Wanna Live
    I Just Wanna Party
    I Just Want To Be Your Everything
    I Just Want to Celebrate
    I Keep Faith
    I Keep On Lovin' You
    I Kissed a Girl
    I Knew I Loved You
    I Knew You Were Trouble
    I Know
    I Know A Little
    I Know A Place
    I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly
    I Know Better
    I Know Him So Well
    I Know What I Know
    I Know What I Like
    I Know Where You Sleep
    I Know You Got Soul
    I Know You Rider
    I Know You Want Me
    I Know You Well
    I Left My Heart in San Francisco
    I Lie Around
    I Lift My Hands
    I Like America
    I Like Dreamin'
    I Like Goils
    I Like How It Feels
    I Like It Rough
    I Like It, I Love It
    I Like the Way She Do It
    I Like The Way You Move
    I Like To Move It
    I Like To Rock
    I Like What You Say
    I like you so much better when you´re naked
    I Live For The Sun
    I Live For You
    I Live in America
    I Live In Trafalgar Square
    I Live on a Battlefield
    I Live With You
    I Look Good
    I Look So Good
    I Lost It
    I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper
    I Love A Man In A Uniform
    I Love A Rainy Night
    I Love It Loud
    I Love L.A.
    I Love Music
    I Love My Dog
    I Love Rock And Roll
    I Love Rock 'n' Roll
    I Love Rocky Road
    I Love The Night Life
    I Love The Nightlife
    I Love To Watch a Woman Dance
    I Love You
    I Love You Always and Forever
    I Love You Always Forever
    I Love You Forever
    I Love Your Smile
    I Loved 'Em Every One
    I Luv Dem Strippers
    I Made It Through The Rain
    I Melt With You
    I Met Him on a Sunday
    I Might Be Wrong
    I Might Have Been Queen
    I Miss My Mary
    I Miss You
    I Missed Again
    I need a docter
    I Need a Dollar
    I Need A Miracle
    I Need Something
    I Need to Hear a Country Song
    I Need To Know
    I Need To Wake Up
    I Need You Baby
    I Need You Tonight
    I Never Learnt to Share
    I Only Wear Blue
    I Owe It All To You
    I Owe You Nothing
    I Predict A Riot
    I Put The 'Metro' In Metronome
    I Ran
    I Really Miss You
    I Remember
    I Remember You
    I Rep That West
    I Saw God Today
    I Saw Her Standing There
    I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
    I Saw The Light
    I Say A Little Prayer
    I Second That Emotion
    I See Red
    I See You
    I See You Baby
    I Shall Be Ever Maiden
    I Shall Be Released
    I Shall Not Be Moved
    I Shall Overcome
    I Shot The Sheriff
    I Shot William H Macy
    I Should Be So Lucky
    I Should Have Known
    I Sing The Body Electric
    I Slept With Someone in Fall
    I Spy
    I Stand Alone
    I Started A Joke
    I Started Out With Nothin'
    I Stay Away
    I Stay in Love
    I Still Believe
    I Still Believe In You
    I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
    I Still Remember
    I Still Want You
    I Stole Your Love
    I Surrender
    I Survived You
    I Swear
    I Swear I'll Never Be Untrue
    I Take A Lot Of Pride
    I Take My Chances
    I Talk To The Wind
    I Taught Myself How To Grow Old
    I Thank You
    I Think I Smell A Rat
    I Think I'm in Love
    I Think That I Would Die
    I Think We're Alone Now
    I Thought It Was Over
    I Thought You Knew
    I Told You So
  • I Touch Myself
    I Try
    I Turn to You
    I Walk Beside You
    I Walk By Faith
    I Walk The Line Revisited
    I Wanna Be A Bear
    I Wanna Be Adored
    I Wanna Be Bad
    I Wanna Be Down Remix
    I Wanna Be Sedated
    I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
    I Wanna Be Your Lover
    I Wanna Dance With Somebody
    I Wanna Go
    I Wanna Go Back
    I Wanna Go Crazy
    I Wanna Have Some Fun
    I Wanna Hold You
    I Wanna Learn a Love Song
    I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes
    I Wanna Marry You
    I Wanna Rock
    I Wanna Sex You Up
    I Wanna Talk About Me
    I Wanna Touch U
    I Want a Cowboy
    I Want A New Drug
    I Want Candy
    I Want It All
    I Want It That Way
    I Want My Baby Back
    I Want My Mullet Back
    I Want My Tears Back
    I Want Somebody
    I Want That Man
    I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart
    I Want To Be Sedated
    I Want to Break Free
    I Want To Come Over
    I Want To Go Home
    I Want To Hold Your Hand
    I Want To Know What Love Is
    I Want To Save You
    I Want To Tell You
    I Want You
    I want you back
    I Want You to Want Me
    I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
    I Want Your Sex
    I Was A Teenage Anarchist
    I Was Born To Love You
    I Was Made For Loving You
    I Was Made to Love Her
    I Was Sinking Deep In Sin
    I Was There to Hear You Borning Cry
    I Will
    I Will Always Love You
    I Will Be Free
    I Will Buy You a New Life
    I Will Follow
    I Will Follow Him
    I Will Love Again
    I Will Not Bow
    I Will Play My Game
    I Will Remember
    I Will Remember You
    I Will Survive
    I Will Wait
    I Wish
    I Wish I Could
    I Wish I Felt Nothing
    I Wish I Had A Girl
    I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman
    I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker
    I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks
    I Wish I Was Someone Better
    I Wish It Would Rain
    I Wish You Peace
    I Won't Be Left
    I Would Die 4 U
    I Write Sins Not Tragedies
    I Write The Songs
    I'll Make A Man Out Of You
    I'm Stone In Love With You
    I'm With You
    Iago Golden
    Ice Box
    Ice Cream
    Ice Cream Girl
    Ice Cream Man
    Ice Cream Paint Job
    Ice Cream Van
    Ice Ice Baby
    Ice On The Wing
    Iced Honey
    Icelynn Bruce
    Icky Thump
    Icy Heart
    Icy Queen
    I'd Die Without You
    I'd Do Anything
    I'd Do Anything for Love
    I'd Lie For You
    I'd Love To Change The World
    I'd Really Love To See You Tonight
    Ideal range
    Ideas On Ghosts
    Idefix Black
    Idiot Box
    Idiot Wind
    Idlewild Blue
    If A Man Answers
    If Anyone Falls
    If Ever I Could Love
    If Ever You're in My Arms Again
    If Everyone Cared
    If Heaven
    If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away
    If I Ain't Got You
    If I Can Dream
    If I Can't Have You
    If I Could
    If I Could Bottle This Up
    If I Could Make A Living
    If I Could Turn Back Time
    If I Didn't Have You
    If I Ever Feel Better
    If I Had A Gun
    If I Had A Hammer
    If I Had A Million Dollars
    If I Had A Rocket Launcher
    If I Had It All
    If I Had My Way
    If I Had Wings
    If I Had Words
    If I Had You
    If I Knew Then
    If I Laugh
    If I Leave
    If I Lost You Now
    If I Needed Someone
    If I Never Met You
    If I Only Had a Brain
    If I Only Knew
    If I Ruled The World
    If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body
    If I Should Fall Behind
    If I Stand
    If I Surrender
    If I Was a Rich Girl
    If I Was A Woman
    If I Were a Boy
    If I Were A Carpenter
    If I Were King
    If In Money We Trust
    If It Makes You Happy
    If It's Love
    If Leaving Me Is Easy
    If No One Will Listen
    If Not For You
    If Not You
    If Only You Could See Me Now
    If She Knew
    If She Would Have Been Faithful
    If That Ain't Country
    If That's Not Love
    If The Brakeman Turns My Way
    If The Lights Go Out
    If The World
    If The World Had A Front Porch
    If These Walls Could Talk
    If Things Were Perfect
    If This Is It
    If This Is Love
    If This Was a Movie
    If Time is All I Have
    If Today Was Your Last Day
    If Tomorrow Never Comes
    If U Seek Amy
    If We Are The Body
    If We Ever Meet Again
    If We Hold On Together
    If We Never Go Inside
    If We Were A Movie
    If We're Not Back in Love by Monday
    If You Ask
    If You Asked Me To
    If You Believe
    If You Could Only See
    If You Could Read My Mind
    If You Could See Me Now
    If You Don't Know Me By Now
    If You Ever Come Back
    If You Ever Go to Houston
    If You Ever Stop Loving Me
    If You Go Away
    If You Have To Ask
    If You Keep Losing Sleep
    If You Leave Me Now
    If You Let Me Stay
    If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
    If You Only Knew
    If You Really Want To Be My Friend
    If You Return
    If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next
    If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask!
    If You Want To Sing Out
    If You Were A Sailboat
    If You Will Have Me
    If Your Heart Isn't In It
    If You're Gonna
    If You're Gonna Play In Texas
    If You're Into It
    Iggy Pop
    Igraine Black Lady
    Iko Iko
    I'll Anything but Up
    I'll Be
    I'll Be Around
    I'll Be Home For Christmas
    I'll Be Missing You
    I'll Be There
    I'll Be There For You
    I'll Be Your Crying Shoulder
    I'll Do Anything
    I'll Follow You Into The Dark
    I'll Keep Your Memory Vague
    I'll Know
    I'll Let You Live
    I'll Make Love to You
    Ill Manors
    I'll Stand By You
    I'll Stick Around
    I'll Take Everything
    I'll Try Anything Once
    I'll Tumble 4 Ya
    I'll Wait
    I'll Work For Your Love
    Illegal Alien
    Illusions In G Major
    I'm A Believer
    I'm a Man
    I'm a Playa
    I'm a Slave 4 U
    I'm a Survivor
    I'm a Terrible Person
    I'm Affected
    I'm Afraid of Americans
    I'm Against It
    I'm Alive
    I'm Alright
    I'm Amazed
    I'm an Animal
    I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
    I'm Bored
    I'm Broken
    I'm Content With Losing
    I'm Easy
    I'm Every Woman
    I'm Going Home
    I'm Gonna Be Alright
    I'm Gonna Follow You
    I'm Gonna Love You
    I'm Good, I'm Gone
    I'm Happy Just to Dance With You
    I'm Horny
    I'm In Love With A DJ
    I'm In Love With a Man Nearly Twice My Age
    I'm In The Mood
    I'm In Touch With Your World
    I'm In You
    I'm Into Something Good
    I'm Like A Bird
    I'm Looking Through You
    I'm Money
    I'm No Angel
    I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You
    I'm Not In Love
    I'm Not Jesus
    I'm Not Okay
    I'm Not Sick But I'm Not Well
    I'm on Fire
    I'm On My Way
    I'm on the Battlefield
    I'm Only Sleeping
    I'm Outta Here
    I'm Ready
    I'm Ready, I Am
    I'm Shipping Up To Boston
    I'm So Hood
    I'm So Tired
    I'm Sorry Mama
    I'm Still A Guy
    I'm Still Standing
    I'm That Chick
    I'm Too Sexy
    I'm With Stupid
    I'm Your Boogie Man
    I'm Yours
    Ima Boss
    Imaginary Lover
    Imagination Mover's Theme
    Imagine My Frustration
    Imitation Of Life
    Imma Be
    Imma Be
    Imma Put It on Her
    Imma Star
    Immelman Turn
    Immigrant Song
    Immortal Invisible
    Immortal Rites
    Impacilla Carpisung
    Impending Doom
    Imperial Bedroom
    Impregnable Question
    In 100 Years
    In A Big Country
    In A Broken Dream
    In A Couple Of Days
    In A Dream
    In A Hole Again
    In A Lifetime
    In a little gypsy tea room
    In A Little While
    In A Little Wigan Garden
    In A Lonely Place
    In A Mellow Tone
    In a Moment
    In A Sentimental Mood
    In a shanty in old shanty town
    In Age And Feebleness Extreme
    In america
    In an old dutch garden
    In and Out of Love
    In Another Land
    In Another Life
    In Another World
    In Between
    In Between Disasters
    In Bloom
    In Brooklyn
    In Cairo
    In California
    In Color
    In Da Club
    In Dreams
    In For A Penny
    In For The Kill
    In God's Country
    In God's Eyes
    In God's Hands
    In Hiding
    In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth
    In Like A Lion
    In Limbo

  • In Lonesome Dove
    In love forever
    In Love With A Girl
    In Loving Memory
    In Many Ways
    In Memory Of
    In Mist She Was Standing
    In Monterey
    In My Arms
    In My Bed
    In My Bedroom
    In My Blood
    In my carbb
    In My Darkest Hour
    In My Dreams
    In My Head
    In my house
    In My Life
    In my little corner of the world
    In My Pocket
    In My Room
    In My Secret Life
    In My Sleep
    In My System
    In My Time Of Dyin'
    In My Time Of Dying
    In My Trunk
    In My Way
    In neon
    In One Ear
    In Only Seven Days
    In Our Own Time
    In Pieces
    In Red Square
    In Repair
    In Search Of Little Sadie
    In Sleep
    In Spite Of All The Danger
    In Terms Of Two
    In That Great Gettin' Up Morning
    In The Air
    In the Air Tonight
    In the Arms of an Angel
    In the arms of love
    In The Army Now
    In The Ayer
    In The Bleak Midwinter
    In the blood
    In the blue of evening
    In The Cage
    In the chapel in the moonlight
    In The City
    In The Company Of Wolves
    In The Dark
    In The Dark Places
    In The Days Before Rock 'N' Roll
    In The Direction Of The Moon
    In The Doghouse
    In The End
    In The Evening
    In The Fall
    In The Flesh
    In the Flowers
    In The Gallery
    In The Garden
    In The Ghetto
    In The Good Old Times
    In The Heat Of The Jungle
    In The Heat Of The Night
    In the House of Stone and Light
    In The Jailhouse Now
    In the Land There Is A Hunger.
    In The Lap Of The Gods
    In The Light
    In the Low Country
    In the Meantime
    In the Middle of an Island
    In the middle of the house
    In The Midnight Hour
    In The Misty Moonlight
    In The Mood
    In The Morning
    In The Navy
    In The New Year
    In The Old Town Tonight
    In the shade of the old apple tree
    In The Shadow Of The Moon
    In The Shadows
    In The Shape Of A Heart
    In The Still Of The Night
    In the still of the night
    In the still of the night ill remember
    In The Still Of The Nite
    In The Stone
    In The Summer Of His Years
    In the summertime
    In the summertime you dont want my love
    In the Valley of the Dying Sun
    In The Wee Small Hours
    In The Year 2525
    In These Arms
    In These Hills
    In This City
    In This Club
    In This Hole
    In This Life
    In This Light and On This Evening
    In This World
    In Too Deep
    In Venere Veritas
    In Waves
    In Your Eyes
    In Your Hands
    In Your Honor
    In Your Letter
    In Your Own Time
    In your soul
    In Your Words
    Inaugural Trams
    Incense And Peppermints
    Inception of the End
    Incredible Machine
    Independence Day
    Independent Women
    Independent Women
    Indescribably Blue
    Indian Gin And Whisky Dry
    Indian Giver
    Indian Lake
    Indian Love Call
    Indian Maiden
    Indian Moon
    Indian Outlaw
    Indian Reservation
    Indian Summer
    Indiana Wants Me
    Industrial Discipline
    Indwelling Sin
    Indy Kidz
    Infant Kiss
    Infinite Arms
    Infinite dreams
    Infinity 2008
    Ingrid Bergman
    Inherit The Wind
    Inis Mona
    Inland Sea
    Inner City Blues
    Inner Self
    Inner Silence
    Innocent exile
    Innocent Eyes
    Innocent Times
    Innocent When You Dream
    Inoculated city
    Insane in the brain
    Inside And Out
    Inside Looking Out
    Inside My Head
    Inside of Me
    Inside Out
    Inside Susan
    Inside The Fire
    Inside Your Heaven
    Instant Karma
    Instant Pleasure
    Instant Replay
    Interlude with Ludes
    Internal Cannon
    International Colouring Contest
    International Love
    International Thief Thief
    Internet Connection
    Internet Killed the Video Star
    Internet Relationships
    Interstate Love Song
    Interstellar Overdrive
    Into Dust
    Into each life some rain must fall
    Into Temptation
    Into the Crypts of Rays
    Into The Fire
    Into the Groove
    Into The Ground
    Into The Heart
    Into The Jungle
    Into The Lens
    Into The Light
    Into The Mystic
    Into The Night
    Into The Nightlife
    Into The Ocean
    Into The Old Man's Shoes
    Into The Storm
    Into the Sunshine
    Into the Thick of It
    Into The Valley
    Into The Void
    Into The West
    Into the Wild
    Into you
    Into Your System
    Introducing Me
    Introducing The Business
    Invaders Must Die
    Invading My Mind
    Invalid Letter Dept.
    Inventing Shadows
    Invisible hands
    Invisible Kid
    Invisible Ligh
    Invisible man
    Invisible Riverside
    Invisible Tears
    Invisible Touch
    Invisibly Shaken
    Invitation To The Blues
    Ion Square
    Irelande Douze Pointes
    Irene Wilde
    Irish Son
    Iron Head
    Iron Maiden
    Iron Man
    Irrational Anthem
    Irresistable Force
    Is Anybody Out There
    Is Everybody Happy
    Is He Alive
    Is It A Crime
    Is It Any Wonder
    Is It Real Love
    Is It So Strange
    Is That Love
    Is There a Ghost
    Is There Ambition In My Heart
    Is This Love
    Is your love big enough
    Is Your Love In Vain
    Ishin Denshin
    Isis Unveiled
    Island Dream
    Island Fever
    Island Girl
    Island girl
    Island In The Sun
    Island Life
    Island of dreams
    Island of lost souls
    Island Of Love
    Island of No Return
    Island Of The Sun
    Islands In The Stream
    Isle of avalon
    Isle of capri
    Isnt it a pity
    Isnt it time
    Isnt life strange
    Isnt this a lovely day
    It Ain't Me Babe
    It Ain't Necessarily So
    It All Belongs to Me
    It Began In Afrika
    It Came Out Of The Sky
    It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
    It Could Be You
    It Doesn't Matter
    It Doesn't Matter Anymore
    It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas
    It Don't Come Easy
    It Ends Tonight
    It Feels So Good
    It Gets Better
    It Happened Today
    It Happens
    It Hurts Me
    It Hurts So Good
    It Is Well With My Soul
    It Kills Me
    It Matters To Me
    It May Sound Silly
    It Means Nothing
    It Must Be Love
    It Must Have Been Love
    It Never Rains In Southern California
    It Only Takes A Minute
    It Started With A Kiss
    It Takes Love
    It Takes Two
    It Was A Very Good Year
    It's Carnival Time
    It´s late
    Itchy twitchy feeling
    Itchycoo Park
    It's a Game
    It's A Heartache
    It's A Jungle Out There
    It's A Kind Of Magic
    It's A Long Way To Paradise
    It's A Miracle
    It's A Mistake
    It's A Mystery
    It's A Shame
    It's A Sin
    It's A Small World
    It's A Wonderful Life
    It's A Wonderful World
    It's All About The Benjamins
    It's All Coming Back To Me Now
    It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
    It's All Right Ma
    It's Amateur Night At the Appollo Creed
    It's Been Awhile
    It's Beginning To Get To Me
    It's Christmas Time
    It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door
    It's Drizzling It's Pouring
    It's Easy
    It's Gonna Be Me
    It's Good To Be In Love
    It's Got To Be Big
    It's Gotta Be You
    It's In His Kiss
    It's Like That
    It's My Life
    It's Nice To Know You Work Alone
    It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Death Wish
    its not my time
    It's Not Unusual
    It's Now Or Never
    It's Only Love
    It's Over Now
    It's Raining Again
    It's Raining Men
    It's Raining on Prom Night
    It's So Funny
    It's the End of the World As We Know It
    It's the Hard Knock Life
    It's The Same Old Song
    It's Too Funky in Here.
    It's Tricky
    It's Your Love
    It'sToo Late
    I've Been Losing You
    I've Been Working On The Railroad
    I've got everything I need
    I've Got Friends In Low Places
    I've Got My Mind Set On You
    I've Got The Joy Down In My Heart
    I've Got To See You Again
    I've Gotta Get A Message To You
    I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face
    I've Had the Time of My Life
    I've Just Seen A Face
    I've Never Been To Me
    I've Tried Everything
    Ivory Madonna
    Ivory Tower
    Ivy League
    Ivy rose


Les inscriptions au LOF de colleys depuis 1951.

1951 : 240
1952 : 275
1953 : 251
1954 : 313
1955 : 336
1956 : 471
1957 : 475
1958 : 699
1959 : 678
1960 : 493
1961 : 595
1962 : 738
1963 : 716
1964 : 692
1965 : 702
1966 : 818
1967 : 998
1968 : ?
1969 : 981
1970 : 1169
1971 : 1386
1972 : 1444
1973 : 1649
1974 : 1841
1975 : 2338
1976 : 2219
1977 : 2760
1978 : 2957
1979 : 3052
1980 : 3882
1981 : 4109
1982 : 4647
1983 : 4672
1984 : 4848
1985 : 4716
1986 : 4347
1987 : 4124
1988 : 3912
1989 : 3802
1990 : 3857
1991 : 3652
1992 : 3131
1993 : 3112
1994 : 2281
1995 : 2334
1996 : 2128
1997 : 1797
1998 : 1692
1999 : 1465
2000 : 1313
2001 : 1372
2002 : 1398
2003 : 1374 + 5p.ras (smooth)
2004 : 1258 + 11
2005 : 1217 + 12
2006 : 1238 + 12
2007 : 1122 + 29
2008 : 1338 + 12
2009 : 1105 + 31
2010 : 1257 + 33
2011 : 1188 + 2
2012 : 1106 + 27





Les chiens de berger issus de la famille Collie:

BORDER COLLIE 1943 (1800 en 2010, 1820 en 2009 et 1881 en 2008) Le Border Collie
COLLIE P.Long 1188  
COLLIE P.Court 2  
BERGER AUSTRALIEN 5805 (4913 en 2010, 3809 en 2009 et 3325 en 2008) Le Berger Australien
BEARDED COLLIE 452 (503 en 2010, 528 en 2009 et 512 en 2008) Le Bearded Collie
SHETLAND 1464 (1289 en 2010, 1099 en 2009 et 1124 en 2008) Le Shetland
BOBTAIL 291 (209 en 2010, 230 en 2009 et 232 en 2008) Le Bobtail
AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOG ou Bouvier Australien 74 (79 en 2010, 77 en 2009 et 78 en 2008) Le Bouvier Australien
KELPIE 14 (21 en 2010, 20 en 2009 et 18 en 2008) Le Kelpie


Chiots et portées. Puppies


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