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2012, c'est l'année des H


Collie online vous propose quelques noms pour sortir des sentiers battus. Une source d'inspiration ou à utiliser directement.

Mais, au fait...! Pourquoi ces noms?
Avec Aniwa, nous vous proposons l'historique de ce système de lettrage.

Ce retour sur le passé nous incite aussi à illustrer ces 2 pages avec des photos de vieilles cartes postales ayant pour thème le Colley. Nous remercions ici Jean-Claude Agoutin (Elevage de Cabrenysset) qui a proposé à Collie online ces remarquables dessins pour publication.

2012, c'est l'année des H

1268 noms pour sortir des sentiers battus...!

  • Habanera
    Habitual Infamy
    Had A Dream
    Had A Dream About You Baby
    Had A Lot Of Love Last Night
    Had Enough
    Had It All
    Had To Cry Today
    Hada Veronica
    Hades Almighty
    Hady Mirza
    Hail And Kill
    Hail Caesar
    Hail Hail
    Hail Holy Queen
    Hail Mary
    Hail Sathanas
    Hail The Cult
    Hail The Day That Sees Him Raise
    Hail The Leaf
    Hail To England
    Hail To The Conquering Hero
    Hail To The King
    Hail To Yale
    Haile Selassie
    Hailie Selassie Up Your Ass
    Hailie's Song
    Hailstorm Trilogy
    Hair Of Gold, Eyes Of Blue
    Hair Of The Dog
    Hair Pie
    Hairdresser On Fire
    Hairspray Queen
    Hajji Baba
    Hakanai Diamond
    Hakuna Matata
    Halaman Asmara
    Halcyon Days
    Haley Bennett
    Half A Brain
    Half A Heart
    Half A Man
    Half A Sixpence
    Half A World Away
    Half As Lovely
    Half As Much
    Half Caste
    Half Day Closing
    Half Fiction
    Half Heaven Half Heartache
    Half Jack
    Half Man Half Machine
    Half Mile Hill
    Half Moon Cafe
    Half Of My Heart
    Half Of My Mistakes
    Half Of Your Heart
    Half Past Forever
    Half Past France
    Half Right
    Half The Way
    Half The World Away
    Half Your Angels
    Half-Caste Woman
    Half-Empty Bottle
    Half-Penny, Two-Penny
    Halfway Around The World
    Halfway Back
    Halfway Down The Street
    Halfway Gone
    Halfway House
    Halfway To Freedom
    Halfway To Paradise
    Hall And Oates
    Hall Of Angels
    Hall Of Heads
    Hall Of Mirrors
    Hall Of The Mountain King
    Halle Berry
    Hallelujah Chorus
    Hallelujah I Love Her So
    Hallelujah! I'm A Bum
    Hallowed Be My Name
    Hallowed Ground
    Hallowed Land
    Halloweed Be My Name
    Halloween On The Barbary Coast
    Halloween Parade
    Halls Of Frozen North
    Halls Of Illusions
    Halls Tainted Red
    Hallways And Cuts
    Hallways To Hell
    Halo Friendlies
    Halo Of Ashes
    Halo Of Flies
    Hamburg Song
    Hammer Smashed Face
    Hammer To Fall
    Hammer To The Heart
    Hampstead Incident
    Hampton The Hamster
    Hana Yori Dango
    Hanah Montana
    Hand Clap
    Hand Cover Bruise
    Hand in Hand
    Hand In My Pocket
    Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
    Hand Me Down World
    Hand Me Down Your Love
    Hand Of Blood
    Hand Of Doom
    Hand Of Fate
    Handbags And Gladrags
    Handful Of Songs
    Handful Of Stars
    Handle Me
    Handle This
    Handle With Care
    Handrags and the Gladrags
    Hands Across The Table
    Hands All Over
    Hands Clean
    Hands Off She's Mine
    Hands On The Bible
    Hands On The Radio
    Hands On The Wheel
    Hands To Heaven
    Handsome Devil
    Handsome Molly
    Handy Dandy
    Handy Man
    Hang 'Em High
    Hang Fire
    Hang In Long Enough
    Hang Me Up To Dry
    Hang On In There
    Hang On In There Baby
    Hang On Sloopy
    Hang On St. Christopher
    Hang On To Your Ego
    Hang On To Your Life
    Hang With Me
    Hang You From The Heavens
    Hangar 18
    Hangin' Tough
    Hanging By A Moment
    Hanging In The Wire
    Hanging On The Telephone
    Hanging On Too Long
    Hanging Tree
    Hangman Jury
    Hank It
    Hanky Panky
    Hanno The Navigator
    Happened On A Saturday Night
    Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
    Happens All The Time
    Happily Never After
    Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe
    Happiness Is A Warm Gun
    Happiness Is Easy
    Happiness Is Overrated
    Happiness Is You
    Happiness Lives Next Door
    Happiness Loves Company
    Happiness Runs
    Happiness Street
    Happy Anniversary
    Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday Guadalupe
    Happy Birthday Mr. President
    Happy Blues
    Happy Boys And Girls
    Happy Days
    Happy Days And Lonely Nights
    Happy Ending
    Happy Ever After
    Happy Everafter In Your Eyes
    Happy Family
    Happy Hawaii
    Happy Heart
    Happy Hour
    Happy In Love
    Happy Jack
    Happy New Year
    Happy Phantom
    Happy Tears
    Happy The Man Whose Cautious Feet
    Happy Together
    Happy Trails To You
    Happy Wanderer
    Happy Xmas
    Happy-Go-Lucky Me
    Harbor Lights
    Hard As A Rock
    Hard As Iron
    Hard Bargai
    Hard Candy
    Hard Core Troubador
    Hard Days
    Hard Days Night
    Hard Enough
    Hard For The Heart
    Hard Hat And A Hammer
    Hard Headed Woman
    Hard Hearted Alice
    Hard Hearted Hannah
    Hard Knock Life
    Hard Knocks
    Hard Luck
    Hard Luck Story
    Hard Luck Woman
    Hard Ride
    Hard Road
    Hard Rock Cafe
    Hard Rock Hallelujah
    Hard Rock Summer
    Hard Time Comes To You
    Hard Time Lovin' You
    Hard Times
    Hard To Believe
    Hard To Get
    Hard To Handle
    Hard To Say
    Hard To Say Im Sorry
    Hard To See
    Harden My Heart
    Harder Cards
    Harder Than A Coffin Nail
    Harder They Come
    Harder To Breathe
    Hardly Worth Saving
    Harem Holiday
    Harem Scarem
    Haris Fawanis
    Hark A Voice Divides The Sky
    Hark The Herald Angels Sing
    Hark! I Hear the Harps Eternal
    Harlem Nocturne
    Harlem Shuffle
    Harlow's Song
    Harm's Swift Way
    Harold Arlen
    Harold T. Wilkins
    Harper Valley
    Harps And Angels
    Harrowdown Hill
    Harry Braff
    Harry Hood
    Harry The Hairy Ape
    Harry Truman
    Harry Was A Champion
    Harry's Gate
    Harry's Song
    Harvest For The World
    Harvest Moon
    Harvest of Souls
    Harvester Of Sorrow
    Has Anybody Seen My Ga
    Hasbi Rabbi
    Hash Pipe
    Hasta Manana
    Haste The Day
    Hate Everyone
    Hate For The Weak
    Hate In Your Eyes
    Hate Me Now
    Hate My Life
    Hate That I Love You
    Hathaway Donny
    Hats Off
    Hats Off To Harper
    Hats Off To Larry
    Hats Off To The Stranger
    Haunt You Every Day
    Haunted Heart
    Haunted House
    Hava Nagila
    Havah Nagilia
    Havana Moon
    Have A Cigar
    Have A Drink On Me
    Have A Good Time
    Have A Happy
    Have A Holly, Jolly Christmas
    Have A Nice Day
    Have Fun, Go Mad
    Have I Stayed Away Too Long
    Have Mercy
    Have Mercy Judge
    Have We Lost
    Have You Ever
    Have You Ever Been Lonely
    Have You Ever Loved A Woman
    Have You Ever Seen The Rain
    Have You Heard
    Have You Looked Into Your Heart
    Have You Made Up Your Mind
    Have You Met Miss Jones
    Have You Never Been Mellow
    Have You Seen Her Lately
    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
    Haven't Got Time For The Pain
    Haven't Met You Yet
    Having A Party
    Having You Near Me
    Hawaii Five-O
    Hawaiian Air
    Hawaiian Sunset
    Hawaiian Wedding Song
    Hawk Nelson
    Hawthrone Heights
    Hay Chewed
    Hayden Panettiere
    Hayley Westenra
    Haylie Duff
    Hazy Daze
    Hazy Shade Of Winter
    He Aint Heavy Hes My Brother
    He Arose
    He Came Down
    He Can't Love You
    He Comes He Comes The Judge Severe
    He Could Be The One
    He Decides
    He Fills Me Up
    He Is My Everything
    He Is Your Brother
    He Kills Everything You Love
    He Lives In You
    He Loves You Not
    He Nawe Kei Roto
    He Reigns
    He Said, She Said
    He Touched Me
    He Was A Friend Of Mine
    He Was Beautiful
    He Was My Brother
    He Wasn't Man Enough
    He Wears A Pair Of Silver Wings
    He Whispers Sweet Peace
    He Won't Go
    Head And The Heart
    Head East
    Head First
    Head Full of Ghosts
    Head Games
    Head Like A Hole
    Head Of Thy Church Whose Spirit Fills
    Head On My Pillow
    Head Over Feet
    Head Over Heels
    Head To Toe
    Headed For A Heartbreak
    Headfirst For Halos
    Headfirst Slide
    Headless Cross
    Headless Mike
    Headlight Disco
    Headline News
    Headmasters Of Mine
    Heads We're Dancing
    Heads Will Roll
    Heady Riser
    Heal The Pain
    Heal The World
  • Healer
    Healing Begins
    Healing Hands
    Hear Me Calling
    Hear Me Now
    Hear My Cry
    Hear My Song, Violetta
    Hear The Bells
    Heard 'Em Say
    Heard It All Before
    Heard It In A Love Song
    Heard It On The X
    Heard Somebody Say
    Hearing Damage
    Hearken To The Solemn Voice
    Heart And Soul
    Heart Attack
    Heart Beat
    Heart Evangelista
    Heart Full Of Rain
    Heart Full Of Soul
    Heart Hotels
    Heart In A Cage
    Heart Like A Wheel
    Heart Like Mine
    Heart Of A Clown
    Heart Of Glass
    Heart Of Gold
    Heart Of Lothian
    Heart Of Mine
    Heart Of My Heart
    Heart of Rock and Roll
    Heart Of Rome
    Heart Of Stone
    Heart Of The Matter
    Heart Of The World
    Heart On My Sleeve
    Heart Shaped Glasses
    Heart Skips A Beat
    Heart Songs
    Heart To Heart
    Heart Turns To Stone
    Heartache All Over The World
    Heartache Tonight
    Heartaches By The Number
    Heartattack And Vine
    Heartbeat In Exile
    Heartbreak Beat
    Heartbreak Hotel
    Heartbreak Lullaby
    Heartbreak Station
    Heartbreak Warfare
    Heartbroken Bopper
    Heart's All Gone
    Hearts And Bones
    Hearts Are Gonna Roll
    Heart's Done Time
    Hearts Grow
    Hearts Of Stone
    Hearts On Fire
    Heart-Shaped Box
    Heart-Shaped Glasses
    Heat Of The Moment
    Heat Of The Night
    Heat Wave
    Heather Dale
    Heather Headley
    Heather Honey
    Heather Nova
    Heaven Ain't Ready For Me Yet
    Heaven And Hell
    Heaven Beside You
    Heaven Can Wait
    Heaven D Rapper
    Heaven For Everyone
    Heaven In My Mind
    Heaven In Your Eyes
    Heaven Is A Place On Earth
    Heaven Is In Your Mind
    Heaven Is One Step Away
    Heaven Knows
    Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel
    Heaven On Earth
    Heaven On Their Minds
    Heaven Only Knows
    Heaven Or Hell
    Heaven or Las Vegas
    Heavenly Blues
    Heavenly Day
    Heavenly Father Sovereign Lord
    Heaven's A Lie
    Heaven's Bright Shore
    Heavy Breathing
    Heavy Cross
    Heavy Makes You Happy
    Heavy Metal
    Heavy Metal Thunder
    Heavy On Pride
    Heavy Rock
    Heavy Traffic
    Heavy Water
    Hector Acosta
    Hedda Gabler
    Heed The Call
    Heels Of The Wind
    Heels Over Head
    Heenie Jeebie Blues
    Heidi Newfield
    Hej Gamle Man
    Helalyn Flowers
    Held Up Without A Gun
    Helen Baylor
    Helen Reddy
    Helen Wheels
    Helena Paparizou
    Helium Hearts
    Hell Bent For Leather
    He'll Have To Go
    Hell Hound On My Trail
    Hell in a Bucket
    Hell Is For Children
    Hell Is For Heroes
    Hell Of A Life
    Hell of a Town
    Hell On An Angel
    Hell On Heels
    Hell Or High Water
    Hell Raiser
    Hell Song
    Hello Again
    Hello America
    Hello Beautiful
    Hello Brooklyn
    Hello Cold World
    Hello Dolly
    Hello Goodbye
    Hello Hooray
    Hello I Love You
    Hello Joe
    Hello Kelly
    Hello Little Girl
    Hello Ma, I Done It Again
    Hello Mary Lou
    Hello Old Friend
    Hello Seattle
    Hello Turn Your Radio On
    Hello Walls
    Hello World
    Hells Bells
    Help I'm Alive
    Help Me
    Help Me Make It Through The Night
    Help Me Mary
    Help Me Ronda
    Help Me sing
    Help Me Understand
    Help Me Up
    Help Me, Rhonda
    Help The Aged
    Help The Poor
    Help Yourself To My Heart
    Helping Hand
    Helplessly Hoping
    Helplessness Blues
    Helter Skelter
    Hemingway's Whiskey
    Hemp Republic
    Hennepin Crawler
    Hennessy Avenged
    Henry Doesn't Care
    Henry The Eighth
    Her Diamonds
    Her Eyes
    Her Ghost In The Fog
    Her Majesty
    Her Space Holiday
    Her Strut
    Her Town Too
    Her West Was Wilder
    Here Come De Honey Man
    Here Come The Martian, Martians
    Here Comes My Baby
    Here Comes Santa Claus
    Here Comes The Bastards
    Here Comes the Bride
    Here Comes The Hammer
    Here Comes the Hotstepper
    Here Comes The Night
    Here Comes The Rain
    Here Comes The Rain Again
    Here Comes The Sun
    Here Goes
    Here I Am
    Here I Go Again
    Here In My Arms
    Here In My Heart
    Here In The Real World
    Here In Your Arms
    Here Is The News
    Here She Comes
    Here To Stay
    Here Today
    Here We Are Juggernaut
    Here We Go
    Here's That Rainy Day
    Here's To Love
    Here's To The Band
    Here's To You
    Heretics And Killers
    Heritage Singers
    Hermans Hermits
    Hermod's Ride to Hel
    Hernando's Hideaway
    Hero Blues
    Hero Of The Day
    Hero of War
    Heroes And Villains
    Héroes Del Silencio
    Heroes End
    Heroin Addict Sister
    Hersham Boys
    He's A Liar
    He's A Mental Giant
    Hes A Rebel
    He's A Rocker
    He's A Thief
    He's Been A Long Time Gorn
    Hes Got The Power
    Hes Home For A Little While
    He's Mine
    Hes My Dreamboat
    He's Out Of My Life
    Hes Raining In My Sunshine
    He's So Fine
    He's So Shy
    He's The Greatest Dancer
    Heut' Ist Mein Tag
    Hey Armadillo
    Hey Baby
    Hey Boy Hey Girl
    Hey Bulldog
    Hey Daddy
    Hey Darling
    Hey Deanie
    Hey God
    Hey Good Lookin'
    Hey Hey Helen
    Hey Hey What Can I Do
    Hey Jealous Lover
    Hey Jealousy
    Hey Joe
    Hey Jude
    Hey Juliet
    Hey Lawdy Mama
    Hey Leonardo
    Hey Little Cobra
    Hey Little Girl
    Hey Little Tomboy
    Hey Look, No Crying
    Hey Loretta
    Hey Mama
    Hey Man Nice Shot
    Hey Mickey
    Hey Nineteen
    Hey Papa Legba
    Hey Sandy
    Hey Stephen
    Hey Superstar
    Hey There
    Hey There Delilah
    Hey There Lonely Boy
    Hey There Lonely Girl
    Hey Western Union Man
    Hey Ya
    Hey You
    Hey You Little Boo Ga Loo
    Hey, Good Lookin'
    Hey, Man
    Hey, Soul Sister
    Hezekia Walker
    Hi And Lo
    Hi Fi Mama
    Hickory Dichotomy
    Hidden Away
    Hidden Logic Pres Luminary
    Hidden Persuasion
    Hide And Seek
    Hide Away
    Hide Behind The Sun
    Hide Me In Your Heart
    Hide Thou Me
    Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather
    Higgins Bertie
    High And Dry
    High And The Mighty
    High Civilization
    High Cost Of Living
    High Cotton
    High Energy
    High Enough
    High Flying Bird
    High Head Blues
    High Heel Sneakers
    High Hopes
    High In The Sky
    High on a Horse
    High On A Windy Hill
    High on Life
    High On You
    High Plains Drifter
    High Praise
    High Priests' Song
    High School Confidential
    High School Dance
    High School Musical
    High Street Honeys
    High Voltage
    Higher Ground
    Higher Love
    Higher Rocks
    Higher Than Hope
    Highland's Apparition
    Highly Suspicious
    Highway 51 Blues
    Highway 61
    Highway 61 Revisited
    Highway Junkie
    Highway Patrolman
    Highway Song
    Highway Star
    Highway To Hell
    Hi-Ho Silver Lining
    Hijack My Heart
    Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo
    Hillsong United
    Hilltop Boyz
    Hilltop Hoods
    Hinda Hicks
    Hip Hop Hooray
    Hip Hop Police
    Hip To Be Square
    Hippy Hippy Shake
    Hips Don't Lie
    His Daughter Caroline
    His Girl Friday
    His Hand In Mine
    His Latest Flame
    His 'N' Hers
    His Rocking Horse Ran Away
    Historia Calamitatum
    History Is Made By Stupid People
    History Maker
    History Repeating
    Hit And Run
    Hit Me Baby One More Time
    Hit Me Off
    Hit Me Up
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot
    Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick
    Hit Or Miss
    Hit That Perfect Beat
    Hit the Floor
    Hit The Lights
    Hit The Road Jack
    Hitch Hike
    Hitchin A Ride
    Hitman Sammy Sam
    Hits from the Bong
    Hocus Pocus
    Hoedown Throwdown
  • Hoist That Rag
    Hold Back The Night
    Hold Back The Water
    Hold Her In Your Hand
    Hold Me
    Hold Me Back
    Hold Me In Your Arms
    Hold Me Lord
    Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me
    Hold Me Tight
    Hold Me Tighter
    Hold Me'till The Morning Comes
    Hold My Beer
    Hold My Hand
    Hold On
    Hold On Dear Brother
    Hold On I'm Coming
    Hold On Loosely
    Hold On My Heart
    Hold On Tight
    Hold On To The Night
    Hold On to the Nights
    Hold On To Your Misery
    Hold The Line
    Hold Tight Want Some Seafood Mama
    Hold Up A Light
    Hold You Now
    Hold Your Head Up
    Holdin On To Yesterday
    Holding Back The Years
    Holding Out For A Hero
    Holding Someone's Hair Back
    Hole Hearted
    Hole In My Heart
    Hole In My Shoe
    Hole In My Soul
    Hole In The Ground
    Hole in the Head
    Hole In The Wall
    Hole In The World
    Hole In Your Soul
    Holes To Heaven
    Holidae Inn
    Holiday For Clowns
    Holiday in Cambodia
    Holiday Inn
    Holiday Parade
    Holier Than Thou
    Holla Back Girl
    Hollaback Girl
    Holler Til You Pass Out
    Hollow Man
    Holly and the Ivy
    Holly Brook
    Holly Dolly
    Holly Dunn
    Holly Golightly
    Holly Holy
    Holly Jolly Christmas
    Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees
    Holly Valance
    Holly Williams
    Hollywood is Not America
    Hollywood Nights
    Hollywood Romance
    Hollywood Swinging
    Hollywood Undead
    Hollywood Whore
    Holy Cow
    Holy Diver
    Holy Holy Holy, Lord God Almighty
    Holy Is The Lord
    Holy Lamb Who The Confess
    Holy Mother
    Holy Mountains
    Holy Roller Novocaine
    Holy Smoke
    Holy Steve
    Holy Thunderforce
    Holy Toledo
    Holy Wars
    Home Again Rivers
    Home Ain't Where His Heart Is Anymore
    Home Alone
    Home And Dry
    Home Cookin'
    Home Grown
    Home Is A Wounded Heart
    Home Is Where The Heart Is
    Home Motel
    Home Of The Brave
    Home On The Range
    Home Sweet Home
    Home Tonight
    Home Town Hero
    Homecoming Queen
    Homeless Happiness
    Homemade Love
    Homesick, That's All
    Homeward Bound
    Honaloochie Boogie
    Honest I Do
    Honest With Me
    Honestly Sincere
    Honey And The Bee
    Honey Bee
    Honey Chile
    Honey Come Back
    Honey Don't
    Honey Honey
    Honey I'm Home
    Honey In Your Hips
    Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance
    Honey Love
    Honey Man
    Honey Moon
    Honey Pie
    Honey Roll
    Honey Ryder
    Honey Soundtrack
    Honey to the Bee
    Honeycomb Child
    Honeymoon Song
    Honeysuckle Rose
    Honkin' Down The Highway
    Honky Cat
    Honky Tonk Badonkadonk
    Honky Tonk Christmas
    Honky Tonk Heroes
    Honky Tonk Man
    Honky Tonk Woman
    Honky Tonk Women
    Honkytonk Stomp
    Honolulu City Lights
    Honor Society
    Honorable Mention
    Hoochie Choochie Man
    Hoochie Coochie Man
    Hoochie Koochie Man
    Hood Mentality
    Hoodoo Man
    Hook In Mouth
    Hooka Tooka
    Hooked On A Feeling
    Hooks In You
    Hoop Of Fire
    Hoopes I Did It Again
    Hooray For Hazel
    Hooray For Love
    Hootie And The Blowfish
    Hop Scotch Polka
    Hope Dixon
    Hope For The Hopeless
    Hope Of Deliverance
    Hope Partlow
    Hope Springs Eternal
    Hopelessly Addicted
    Hopelessly Devoted To You
    Hopes And Fears
    Hoppy's Gone
    Horror Movie
    Horse Latitudes
    Horse Outside
    Horse To Water
    Horsemen Famil
    Horshoes and Handgrenades
    Hosanna In The Highest
    Hospital Beds
    Hostyle Gospel
    Hot Action Cop
    Hot Air Balloon
    Hot And Cold
    Hot and Fun
    Hot Apple Pie
    Hot As Ice
    Hot Blooded
    Hot Boyz
    Hot Burrito
    Hot Chelle Rae
    Hot Child In The City
    Hot Chip
    Hot Chocolate
    Hot Corner
    Hot Diggity
    Hot Dog
    Hot For Teacher
    Hot Fun In The Summertime
    Hot Hot Heat
    Hot in Here
    Hot Legs
    Hot Love Cold World
    Hot Meat Pies
    Hot 'N Cold
    Hot Pastrami
    Hot Patootie
    Hot Razors In My Heart
    Hot Rod Hearts
    Hot Rod Lincoln
    Hot Stuff
    Hot Styles
    Hot Summer Nights
    Hot Tottie
    Hot Wings
    Hot, Blue And Righteous
    Hotel California
    Hotel Yorba
    Hots On For Nowhere
    Hound Dog
    Hounds Of Love
    Hour Glass
    House Burning Down
    House Carpenter
    House Lights
    House Of Bamboo
    House Of Blue Lights
    House Of Cards
    House Of Clocks
    House Of Fire
    House Of Flying Daggers
    House Of Lords
    House Of Love
    House Of Pain
    House Of Sand
    House Of Shame
    House Of The Rising Sun
    House of Wolves
    House On The Hill
    House With No Curtains
    House Without Windows
    Houses Of The Holy
    How About Me
    How Am I To Know
    How Are Ya Fixed For Love
    How Beauteous Are Their Feet
    How Beautiful You Are
    How Bizarre
    How Can I Go On
    How Can I Keep From Singing
    How Can It Be
    How Can Love Survive
    How Can We Be Lovers
    How Can We Sinners Know
    How Come
    How Could You
    How Cute Can You Be
    How Deep Is The Ocean
    How Deep Is Your Love
    How Do I Live
    How Do I Live
    How Do You Do It
    How Do You Fall In Love
    How Do You Sleep
    How Do You Speak To An Angel
    How Do You Think I Feel
    How Do You Want It
    How Does It Feel
    How Far is Heaven
    How Far We've Come
    How Forever Feels
    How Glorious Is The Life Above
    How Great Thou Art
    How High
    How High The Moon
    How I Know You
    How Long
    How Long Gone
    How Love Was True
    How Low
    How Many More Times
    How Many Sleeps
    How Many Ways
    How Old Are You
    How She Boogalooed It
    How Soon
    How Sweet You Are
    How The Web Was Woven
    How To Be A Millionaire
    How To Handle A Rope
    How to Save a Life
    How Will I Know
    How You Ever Gonna Know
    How You Remind Me
    How You've Changed
    Howard Blake
    Howard Carpendale
    Howdy Neighbor
    Howie Day
    How's Chances
    Hows It Going To Be
    Hoy No Tengo Nada
    Hristian Music
    Hubble Bubble
    Hubble Bubble Toil And Trouble
    Huckleberry Crumble
    Huggin And Chalkin
    Hugh And Drew Barrymore
    Hugh Grant
    Hula Lou
    Hula Love
    Hully Gully
    Hully Gully Baby
    Human After All
    Human Condition
    Human League
    Human Nature
    Hummbucking Part
    Hummin' To Myself
    Hummingbird Heartbeat
    Hump De Bump
    Humpin Around
    Humpty Dance
    Humpty Dumpty Heart
    Hundred Men
    Hundred Mile Stare
    Hundred More Years
    Hundred Pounds Of Clay
    Hundred Reasons
    Hung Up
    Hung Up On Your Love
    Hungarian Rhapsody
    Hunger Strike
    Hungry Eyes
    Hungry Heart
    Hungry Like The Wolf
    Hunting Bears
    Hunting For Witches
    Hunting High And Low
    Hurdy Gurdy Man
    Hurrian Hymn
    Hurricane Chris
    Hurricane Jane
    Hurricane Song
    Hurricane Years
    Hurry Home
    Hurry Up Harry
    Hurt Before
    Hurt So Bad
    Hurtin' Comes Easy
    Hurting Each Other
    Hurts So Good
    Husbands And Wives
    Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte
    Hush My Dear
    Hush Sound
    Hush-A-Bye Island
    Hushabye Mountain
    Hustle And Flow Soundtrack
    Hustle Hard
    Hustler's Anthem
    Hut Sut Song
    Hyacinth House
    Hybrid Stigmata
    Hymn For The Dudes
    Hymn To Her
    Hymnes Of The Sun
    Hyper Crush


Les inscriptions au LOF de colleys depuis 1951.

1951 : 240
1952 : 275
1953 : 251
1954 : 313
1955 : 336
1956 : 471
1957 : 475
1958 : 699
1959 : 678
1960 : 493
1961 : 595
1962 : 738
1963 : 716
1964 : 692
1965 : 702
1966 : 818
1967 : 998
1968 : ?
1969 : 981
1970 : 1169
1971 : 1386
1972 : 1444
1973 : 1649
1974 : 1841
1975 : 2338
1976 : 2219
1977 : 2760
1978 : 2957
1979 : 3052
1980 : 3882
1981 : 4109
1982 : 4647
1983 : 4672
1984 : 4848
1985 : 4716
1986 : 4347
1987 : 4124
1988 : 3912
1989 : 3802
1990 : 3857
1991 : 3652
1992 : 3131
1993 : 3112
1994 : 2281
1995 : 2334
1996 : 2128
1997 : 1797
1998 : 1692
1999 : 1465
2000 : 1313
2001 : 1372
2002 : 1398
2003 : 1374 + 5p.ras (smooth)
2004 : 1258 + 11
2005 : 1217 + 12
2006 : 1238 + 12
2007 : 1122 + 29
2008 : 1338 + 12
2009 : 1105 + 31
2010 : 1257 + 33
2011 : 1188 + 2

Inscriptions totales au LOF en 2011: 202 931 inscriptions (198 029 en 2010 et 186 026 en 2009), soit une hausse de 2,5% par rapport à 2010.

Nous maintenons l'avis formulé depuis maintenant plusieurs années. Le Colley semble avoir trouvé un équilibre avec des naissances dont le nombre fluctue dans un tunnel horizontal compris entre 1200 et 1300 naissances annuelles. Un constat que nous faisons depuis quelques années, abstraction faite des aléas économico-sociaux.

Rappel du commentaire fait en 2010:
En 2009, là où certains voyaient déjà un retour en grâce du Colley, nous faisions ce commentaire pour tenter d'expliquer la hausse surprise des inscriptions LOF de Colleys en 2008:

  • Inscriptions totales au LOF en 2008: +5% par rapport à 2007
  • Chute des races concernées par la législation sur les chiens dangereux:
             - Rottweiler -36% - American Staffordshire -15% - Dogue Argentin -15%
  • 2 facteurs qui peuvent expliquer une hausse des inscriptions pour la majorité des autres races.
    Le Colley comptabilise 19% d'inscriptions en plus par rapport à l'année précédente. On peut remarquer que toutes les races bergères proches du Colley (voir ci-dessous) sont en hausse, excepté le Bearded Collie. Certaines, Border Collie et Berger Australien, faisant un bond spectaculaire de presque 30%.
    On ne peut donc pas parler d'un retour en grâce du Colley. Il bénéficie certainement des 2 facteurs exposés plus haut. Il ne fait d'ailleurs que confirmer une stabilisation des inscriptions débutée en 2000. Tant mieux, pourrions nous dire.

Un an plus tard, nous pouvons vérifier la justesse de ce commentaire après publication par la SCC des inscriptions LOF 2009: 1105 pour le Colley à poil long, soit une diminution de 17% des inscriptions en 1 an.
Les graves événements économiques qui font de 2009 une année noire sur le plan salarial et social ont amplifié le reflux des inscriptions de Colleys dont la hausse de 2008 avait été provoquée artificiellement.
Sans cette crise économique, on peut penser que les inscriptions se seraient situées dans le tunnel qui prévaut depuis 6 ans, soit entre 1200 et 1300.
A part le Berger Australien qui ne semble pas connaître la crise (il progresse de 14% d'une année sur l'autre), toutes les races bergères proches du Colley stagnent ou perdent quelques fractions.
Il serait légitime de se demander pourquoi le Berger Australien, un chien relativement proche du Colley en aspect et morphologie, connait un tel engouement de la part du public. Là où le Colley connait au contraire une désaffection maintenant chronique.




Les chiens de berger issus de la famille Collie:

BORDER COLLIE 1943 (1800 en 2010, 1820 en 2009 et 1881 en 2008) Le Border Collie
COLLIE P.Long 1188  
COLLIE P.Court 2  
BERGER AUSTRALIEN 5805 (4913 en 2010, 3809 en 2009 et 3325 en 2008) Le Berger Australien
BEARDED COLLIE 452 (503 en 2010, 528 en 2009 et 512 en 2008) Le Bearded Collie
SHETLAND 1464 (1289 en 2010, 1099 en 2009 et 1124 en 2008) Le Shetland
BOBTAIL 291 (209 en 2010, 230 en 2009 et 232 en 2008) Le Bobtail
AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOG ou Bouvier Australien 74 (79 en 2010, 77 en 2009 et 78 en 2008) Le Bouvier Australien
KELPIE 14 (21 en 2010, 20 en 2009 et 18 en 2008) Le Kelpie


Chiots et portées. Puppies


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