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2011, c'est l'année des G

Collie online vous propose quelques noms pour sortir des sentiers battus. Une source d'inspiration ou à utiliser directement.

Mais, au fait...! Pourquoi ces noms?
Avec Aniwa, nous vous proposons l'historique de ce système de lettrage.

Ce retour sur le passé nous incite aussi à illustrer ces 2 pages avec des photos de vieilles cartes postales ayant pour thème le Colley. Nous remercions ici Jean-Claude Agoutin (Elevage de Cabrenysset) qui a proposé à Collie online ces remarquables dessins pour publication.

2011, c'est l'année des G

1515 noms pour sortir des sentiers battus...!

  • Gaby Says
    Gagged And Tied
    Gaggle Of Friends
    Gain On Shit
    Gain The World
    Galactic Groove
    Galaxy Paradise
    Gallery Girl
    Gallery Of Reality
    Gallito Ingles
    Gallo Rojo
    Galloping Through The Battle Ruins
    Galloway Hills
    Gallows Pole
    Galveston Bay
    Galway And Mayo
    Galway Bay
    Gamble Gold
    Gambler’s Blues
    Gambling Polka Dot Blues
    Game For Fools
    Game Is Over
    Game Krossed
    Game Of Life
    Game Of Life Steady Mobb'n
    Game Of Love
    Game On Lock
    Game Over
    Game Over Freestyle
    Game Owe Me
    Game Show Love
    Game Tells Truth Intro
    Game Tight
    Games Of Love
    Games Of Magic
    Game's Pain
    Game's Pain Keyshia Cole
    Games People Play
    Games That Daddies Play
    Games We Play
    Games Without Frontiers
    Gamma Ray
    Ganar O Perder
    Ganas De Volver
    Gandalf The Magician
    Ganesh Hegde
    Gang Bang
    Gang Related
    Gang Sign
    Gang That Sang Heart Of My Heart
    Gangrened Divine Stigma
    Gangsta Bitches
    Gangsta Boo
    Gangsta Boogie
    Gangsta Bop
    Gangsta Fairytale
    Gangsta Lean
    Gangsta Music
    Gangsta Party
    Gangsta Ride
    Gangsta Shorty
    Gangsta Snoop Dogg
    Gangsta Team
    Gangsta Tears
    Gangsta Wannabe
    Gangstas And Pimps
    Gangstas And Strippers
    Gangstas Don't Dance
    Gangstas Need Love
    Gangstas Paradise
    Gangsta's Paradise
    Gangster Blues
    Gangster Girl
    Gangster Glam
    Gangster Of Love
    Gangster Song
    Gangster Tripping
    Gangsters Get Lonely Too
    Gangster's Maul
    Ganja Babe
    Ganja Bus
    Ganja Farmer
    Ganja Smoker
    Ganksta Attitude
    Ganz Gelassen
    Garbage Cans
    Garbage Pail Kids
    Garden Grove
    Garden In The Rain
    Garden Of Delights
    Garden Of Desire
    Garden Of Dreams
    Garden Of Earthly Pleasures
    Garden Of Eden
    Garden Of England
    Garden Of Eroticism
    Garden Of Evil
    Garden Of Love
    Garden Of Shadows
    Garden Of Slumber
    Garden Of Stones
    Garden Party
    Garden Song
    Gardening At Night
    Gardens Of Chaos
    Gardens Of The Sinner
    Gardens Of The Sinner
    Garner Hall Music Room
    Gartloney Rats
    Gary Gilmores Eyes
    Gary Gilmore's Eyes
    Gary's Song
    Gas And A Dollar Laugh
    Gas Chamber
    Gas Daddy Gas
    Gas Hed Goes West
    Gaslighting Abbie
    Gasmask Revival
    Gasoline Alley
    Gasoline Dreams
    Gasoline Sunsets
    Gasping For Air
    Gata Gangster
    Gate And Garden
    Gate Of Fear
    Gate Of God
    Gate Of Heaven
    Gate Of Tears
    Gate To Jetblack Desires
    Gates Of Babylon
    Gates Of Eden
    Gates Of Fantasy
    Gates Of Firmament
    Gates Of Hell
    Gates Of Paradise
    Gates Of Steel
    Gates Of The West
    Gates Of Tomorrow
    Gates Of Urizen
    Gates Of Valhalla
    Gates Of Winter
    Gateway To Extinction
    Gateways Of Bereavement
    Gather And Give
    Gather At The River
    Gather In Me No More
    Gather Round
    Gather The Shattered
    Gatherer Of Data
    Gathering Dust
    Gathering Of The Storm
    Gatman And Robbin
    Gator Country
    Gauntlet Of Solitude
    Gave It A Name
    Gave It All Away
    Gavilan O Paloma
    Gavin's Song
    Gaviota Herida
    Gay Bar
    Gay Boyfriend
    Gay Messiah
    Gaya's Dream
    Gaza Commandments
    Gazebo Tree
    Gear Box
    Gee Angel
    Gee Baby
    Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You
    Geek In The Pink
    Geek Love
    Geek Stink Breath
    Geek The Girl
    Geeked Up
    Geeks On Bikes
    Geembo's Theme
    Geen Idee
    Geisha Dreams
    Gemini Child
    Gemini Childe
    Gemini Dream
    Gems Of Sheol
    Gender Bombs
    Gene By Gene
    Gene Clark
    Gene Genius
    General Attitude
    General Joy
    General Taylor
    Generally Hostile
    Generals And Majors
    Generation Breakdown
    Generation Clash
    Generation Graveyard
    Generation Landslide
    Generation Lost
    Generation Of Love
    Generation Plastic
    Generation Speedkill
    Generation Swine
    Generation X-Wing
    Generic Blues
    Generic Crunk Rap
    Genesis Casey Of The Dear Hunter
    Genesis Torn
    Genetic Design For Dying
    Genie In A Bottle
    Genie Of The Lamp
    Genio Atrapado
    Genius Envy
    Genius In France
    Genius Of Crack
    Genius Of Love
    Genius To Lunatic
    Genre's On A Roll
    Gentle And Elegant
    Gentle On My Mind
    Gentle Persuasion
    Gentle Rain
    Gentle River
    Gentle Shepherd
    Gentle Soul
    Gentle Storm
    Gentleman Style
    Gentleman Who Fell
    Gentleman's Affair
    Gentlest Hammer
    Gently Break My Heart
    Gently Crash
    Gently Johnny
    Gently Song By Slipknot
    Genuine Article
    Genuine Rednecks
    George Jackson
    George Of The Jungle
    George Strait And Alan Jackson
    George Washington
    George's Helper
    Georgia Bush
    Georgia Dome
    Georgia Girl
    Georgia In A Jug
    Georgia Jamie Fox
    Georgia Keeps Pulling On My Ring
    Georgia Moon On Fire
    Georgia On My Mind
    Georgia Peach
    Georgia Peaches
    Georgia Rain
    Georgie Boy
    Georgy Girl
    Georgy Porgy
    German Farmhouse
    German Jewish
    German Song
    Germfree Adolescent
    Germs Of Perfection
    Get A Clue
    Get A Grip
    Get A Job
    Get A Job
    Get A Lawn
    Get A Leg Up
    Get A Legend
    Get A Life
    Get A Little Closer
    Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands
    Get A Rope
    Get A Way
    Get A Woman Off His Mind
    Get Adicted
    Get Along Little Doggies
    Get Along With You
    Get Away
    Get Back
    Get Back On That Pony
    Get Bizzy With The Fizzy
    Get Born Again
    Get Bout It And Rowdy
    Get Buck
    Get Busy
    Get Busy With The Fizzy
    Get By
    Get Clapped Mobb Deep
    Get Closer
    Get Crazy
    Get Crunk Tonight
    Get Dancin
    Get Dirty
    Get Doe
    Get Down
    Get Down
    Get Down Like That
    Get Down Make Love
    Get Down On It
    Get Down Tonight
    Get Down Woman
    Get Down, Make Love
    Get Drill And Work
    Get Drunk And Be Somebody
    Get Enough
    Get Excited
    Get Far
    Get Fighted
    Get From Round Me
    Get Fucked Up
    Get Gone
    Get Happy
    Get Here
    Get Him Back
    Get Ignit
    Get In My Car
    Get In The Coffin
    Get In The Van
    Get In Touch With Us
    Get Inside
    Get Into My Groove
    Get Invloved
    Get It And Go
    Get It Back
    Get It Big
    Get It Fit In
    Get It For Free
    Get It Hot
    Get It Off
    Get It On
    Get It On The Floor
    Get It On Tonight
    Get It Poppin
    Get It Poppin Nelly
    Get It Right
    Get It Right Next Time
    Get It Shawty
    Get It Together
    Get It Upa
    Get It While You Can
    Get Me Away From Here
    Get Me Gone
    Get Me To The Church On Time
    Get Me To The World On Time
    Get Miles
    Get Mine
    Get Mine Get Yours
    Get Money
    Get My Gun
    Get Myself Arrested
    Get N Paid
    Get Naked You Beezy
    Get No Better
    Get No Ooh Wee
    Get No Younger Ft. Ezo
    Get Off
    Get Off My Back
    Get Off My Cloud
    Get Off My Dick
    Get Off Of My Cloud
    Get Off The Bandwagon
    Get Off The Corner
    Get On Down The Road
    Get On The Ball
    Get On The Dance Floor
    Get On The Right Thing
    Get On Top
    Get On Up
    Get On Your Feet
    Get Original
    Get Out
    Get Out Alive
    Get Out From The Shell
    Get Out My Head
    Get Out My Way
    Get Out Of Denver
    Get Out Of My House
    Get Out Of My Way
    Get Out Of Town
    Get Out The Map
    Get Out While You Can
    Get Outta London
    Get Outta My Dreams
    Get Over It
    Get Ready
    Get Ready For Love
    Get Ready For This
    Get Ready Snoop Dogg
    Get Real Low
    Get Rhythm
    Get Right With Me
    Get Saucy
    Get Set For Sound
    Get Sexy
    Get Shaky
    Get Silly Boy
    Get Smart
    Get Smashed Gate Crash
    Get Some Loving Done
    Get Somethin Mannie Fresh
    Get Squared
    Get That Clear
    Get That Dough
    Get That Love
    Get The Balance Right
    Get The Funk Out Ma Face
    Get The Joke
    Get The Lead Out
    Get The Lead Out
    Get The Message
    Get The Money And Dip
    Get The Wow
    Get Thee Behind Me Satan
    Get Together
    Get Up
    Get Up And Boogie
    Get Up And Jump
    Get Up I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine
    Get Up Off Our Knees
    Get Used To It
    Get What You Want
    Get Wild
    Get Ya Wicked On
    Get You In The Morning
    Get You Kicks On Route 66
    Get You Out Of My Mind
    Get You Right
    Get Your Boof On
    Get Your Freak On
    Get Your Groove On
    Get Your Money Up
    Get Your Ribbons On
    Get Your Walk On
    Getaway Spaceship
    Getcha Back
    Get'cha Boogie On
    Getchu Twisted
    Geto Fantasy
    Geto Heaven Part Two
    Geto Highlites
    Gets So Lonely
    Gett Off
    Gettin Back
    Gettin Home
    Gettin' Hungry
    Gettin Jiggy With It
    Gettin Money
    Gettin Nowhere Without You
    Gettin Over
    Gettin Ready For Love
    Gettin Together
    Gettin' Too Heavy
    Getting Away With It
    Getting Back Up
    Getting Better
    Getting Closer
  • Getting Dark Again
    Getting Down
    Getting In The Mood
    Getting Into The Jam
    Getting Jiggy With It
    Getting Older
    Getting Over You
    Getting Ready
    Getting Stewed
    Getting Stronger
    Getto Star
    Ghetto Ballin'
    Ghetto Blaster
    Ghetto Cartoon
    Ghetto Cowboy
    Ghetto Defendant
    Ghetto Fabulous
    Ghetto Ghutta
    Ghetto In The Sky
    Ghetto Lullabye
    Ghetto Of My Mind
    Ghetto Supastar
    Ghetto Superstar
    Ghetto Symphony
    Ghetto Symphony With No Limit
    Ghost Boobs
    Ghost Busters
    Ghost In The Juke Box
    Ghost Is Back
    Ghost Mountain
    Ghost Of A Chance
    Ghost Of Fillmoe
    Ghost Of Freedom
    Ghost Of James Dean
    Ghost Of The Gang
    Ghost Of The Navigator
    Ghost Rider
    Ghost Riders In The Sky
    Ghost Story
    Ghost Tigers Rise
    Ghost Town
    Ghost Wiring
    Ghosts Of Cape Horn
    Ghosts Of Silence
    Ghoul Hunter
    Ghoulie Family
    Ghouls Night Out
    Ghouls Of Grandeur
    Giddy On Up
    Giddy Up
    Gidget Theme
    Gift From Virgo
    Gift Of Color
    Gift Of Grace
    Gift Of The Moon
    Gifts And Sorrows
    Gifts From America: With Love, The Usa
    Gigolo Aunt
    Gilbert Green
    Gilded Cunt
    Gilded Lily
    Gile Mear
    Gilla House Check
    Gilles De Rais
    Gilly Gilly By The Sea
    Gimme A Bottle Of Beer
    Gimme A Bullet
    Gimme A Little Kiss
    Gimme A Ride
    Gimme All Your Lovin
    Gimme Back
    Gimme Back My Bullets
    Gimme Back The Paradise
    Gimme Dat Blood
    Gimme Dat Ding
    Gimme Dat Pussy
    Gimme Gimme Good Lovin
    Gimme Head Al Kapone
    Gimme Heroin
    Gimme Hope Joanna
    Gimme Little Sign
    Gimme Love
    Gimme Shelter
    Gimme Solid Gold
    Gimme Some Love
    Gimme Some Lovin
    Gimme Some Salt
    Gimme Sopor
    Gimme Stitches
    Gimme Sympathy
    Gimme That Girl
    Gimme The Good Stuff
    Gimme The Nite
    Gimme The Power
    Gimme The Right Sign
    Gimme Three Steps
    Gimme What You Got
    Gimme Your's M. Escobar
    Gimmick Rappers
    Gimmie A Pigfoot
    Gimmie Stitches
    Gin And Juice
    Gin And Juice
    Gin And Juice
    Gin Rummy
    Gin Sippin
    Ginger Bread
    Gingerale Afternoon
    Gingerbread Coffin
    Ginny Come Lately
    Ginoo Walay
    Gipsy Kings Medley
    Gira Con Me
    Girigiri Chop
    Girl Act Right
    Girl And The Ghost
    Girl Be Mine
    Girl Can Rock
    Girl Cant Help It
    Girl Come Running
    Girl Disappearing
    Girl Done Gone
    Girl From Ipanema
    Girl From Ipanema
    Girl From Mill Valley
    Girl I Knew Somewhere
    Girl I'm Gonna Miss You
    Girl In Love
    Girl In My Dreams
    Girl In The Moon
    Girl Is Mine
    Girl Keeps Coming Apart
    Girl Like You
    Girl Of Mine
    Girl Of My Best Friend
    Girl On My Mind
    Girl On Sugar Pie Lane
    Girl On The Wing
    Girl Roommate
    Girl Scout
    Girl Watcher
    Girl Watcher
    Girl You Know It's True
    Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon
    Girlfriend Bow Wow
    Girlfriend's Story Of Mc Lyte
    Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble
    Girls All Around The World
    Girls All Pause
    Girls Are More Fun
    Girls Can Get It
    Girls Can Make You Cry
    Girls Can't Do What The Guys Do
    Girls Dem Sugar
    Girls Gonna Do
    Girls Got Rhythm
    Girls I Never Kissed
    Girls In Love
    Girls Just Want To Have Fun
    Girls Lie Too
    Girls Night
    Girls Nite Out
    Girls Of Summer
    Girls Of The World
    Girls On The Beach
    Girls School
    Girls Were Made To Love
    Git Along Little Doggies
    Git Bizzy
    Git Fiddler
    Gitchi Gitchi Goo
    Gitchy Goomy
    Gitti Gideli
    Gitty Up
    Give A Little Bit
    Give A Little Love For Love
    Give Her Love
    Give Him A Great Big Kiss
    Give Ireland Back
    Give It To Me Baby
    Give It Up
    Give It Up Or Turn It Loose
    Give Me A Chance
    Give Me A Kiss
    Give Me A Reason
    Give Me A Smile
    Give Me All Night
    Give Me Just A Little More Time
    Give Me Love
    Give Me Love Give Me Peace On Earth
    Give Me One Reason
    Give Me Strength
    Give Me The Night
    Give Me The Wings Of Faith
    Give Me Your Name
    Give Peace A Chance
    Give The Kid A Break
    Give To Live
    Give Us Your Blessing
    Give Your Best
    Given Time
    Givin It Back
    Giving It Up For Your Love
    Giving Up On Love
    Giving Up The Ghost
    Giving You The Best That I Got
    Glad All Over
    Glad Tidings
    Glad To Be Unhappy
    Glam Slam
    Glamorous Glue
    Glamorous Life
    Glamour Boy
    Glass Bottom Boat
    Glass Ceiling
    Glass Dama
    Glass House
    Glass Puppet
    Glass Shatters
    Glastonbury Song
    Gleaming Auction
    Glen Close
    Glenwood Canyon
    Glitter Freeze
    Globes And Maps
    Gloomy Sunday
    Gloria Lewis
    Glory Alleluia
    Glory Bound
    Glory Days
    Glory Of Love
    Glossy Brooks
    Glow In The Dark
    Glow Of The Fire
    Glow Stars
    Glow Worm
    Glue Man
    Go Ahead And Cry
    Go Away Little Girl
    Go Bobby Soxer
    Go Daddy
    Go Down Gamblin
    Go Fly A Kite
    Go Insane
    Go It Alone
    Go Jimmy Go
    Go Low
    Go Now
    Go On With The Wedding
    Go Preach My Gospel
    Go Riding Young Cowboy
    Go Tell It On The Mountain
    Go The Distance
    Go To Hell
    Go Where You Wanna Go
    Go With The Flow
    Go Your Own Way
    Goat Annie
    God Be Merciful To Me
    God Believes In You
    God Bless America
    God Bless The Child
    God Bless The Dreamer
    God Country And My Baby
    God Fearing Man
    God Flinstone
    God From The Sky
    God Knows
    God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You
    God Only Knows
    God Save The Queen
    Goddess In Black
    Godfather's Lollipop
    Godless And Wicked
    Godly Beings
    Gods Driftwood
    Gods Of Deliverance
    Goes Around
    Goh Behk
    Goin And A Blowin
    Goin' Away Baby
    Goin Down
    Goin For The Pastor
    Goin Home
    Goin Huntin
    Goin Little Crazy
    Goin Out Of My Head
    Goin' Out Of My Head
    Goin Out Of My Head Can't Take My Eyes Of You
    Goin Out Pharrell Williams
    Goin Out Swingin
    Goin' South
    Goin Steady
    Goin Where The Wind Blows
    Going All The Way
    Going Back
    Going Back West
    Going Blind
    Going Down To Die
    Going For The Gold
    Going Going Gone
    Going In Blind
    Going In Circles
    Going Inside
    Going Nowhere Slow
    Going On Home
    Going Out Of My Mind
    Going Places
    Going Steady
    Going Through The Motions
    Going To A Go Go
    Going To A Party
    Going To Pasalaqua
    Going Underground
    Going Up The Country
    Going Ups And The Coming Downs
    Going Wrong
    Gold Against The Soul
    Gold And Braid
    Gold Digger
    Gold Diggers Song
    Gold Dust
    Gold Dust Woman
    Gold Fever
    Gold Guns Girls
    Gold In The Air Of Summer
    Gold Mine Gutted
    Gold Rush
    Gold Rush Brides
    Gold Star Speaker
    Golden Age
    Golden Age Of Leather
    Golden Autumn Day
    Golden Brown
    Golden Eagles
    Golden Earring
    Golden Earrings
    Golden Empire
    Golden Eyed Dog
    Golden Gate Fields
    Golden Glades
    Golden Heart
    Golden Leaves
    Golden Loom
    Golden Man
    Golden Moment
    Golden Pendulum
    Golden Playpen
    Golden Ring
    Golden Rod
    Golden Rules
    Golden Sands
    Golden Shower Of Hits
    Golden Sins
    Golden Slumbers
    Golden Streets Of Glory
    Golden Ticket
    Golden Touch
    Golden Years
    Goldfish Bowl
    Goldie's Parade
    Goldies Place
    Goldilocks Sometime
    Goldwatch Blues
    Golgi Apparatus
    Golgotha's Truth
    Goliaths Disarm
    Gollum's Song
    Golly Sandra
    Gomer's Song
    Gone After Midnight
    Gone Be Fine
    Gone Be My Girl
    Gone By Dawn
    Gone Country
    Gone Crazy
    Gone Daddy
    Gone Fishin
    Gone For A Long Time
    Gone Forever
    Gone Going
    Gone Juelz Santana
    Gone Ride With Me
    Gone Ridin
    Gone Shootin'
    Gone Shootin'
    Gone Shooting
    Gone The Dream
    Gone Til November
    Gone To Soon
    Gone To The Wall
    Gone Tomorrow
    Gone Too Far
    Gone Troppo
    Gone Up In Flames
    Gone With My Wind
    Gone With The Wind
    Gonna Back Up Baby
    Gonna Be A Lovely Day
    Gonna Break My Heart Again
    Gonna Buy Me A Dog
    Gonna Catch You
    Gonna Find Me A Bluebird
    Gonna Get Along Without You Now
    Gonna Get Caught
    Gonna Getcha
    Gonna Love You Anyway
    Gonna Make You A Star
    Gonna Make You An Offer You Can't Refuse
    Gonna Make You Sweat
    Gonna Sing You My Love Song
    Gonna Take A Lot To Stay
    Gonna Tell Everybody
    Goo Goo Barabaja
    Good And Faithful Servant
    Good And Gone
    Good And Ready
    Good Bye Johnny
    Good Bye To Jane
    Good Clean Fun
    Good Cowboy
    Good Day Sunshine
    Good Day To Ride
    Good Enough
    Good Feelings
    Good For Me
    Good For Sule
    Good Girls Dont
    Good Golly Miss Molly
    Good Good Lovin
    Good Gooly Miss Molly
    Good Hearted Woman
    Good Intentions
    Good King Wenceslas
    Good Life
    Good Lovin
    Good Lovin Ain't Easy To Come By
    Good Lovin Gone Bad
    Good Luck Charm
    Good Morning Captain
    Good Morning Fire Eater
    Good Morning Freedom
    Good Morning Starshine
    Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
    Good Old Rock N Roll
  • Good Old Rock Roll
    Good Riddance
    Good Ride Cowboy
    Good Shepherd
    Good Smoke And Whiskey
    Good Thing
    Good Til Now
    Good Time Baby
    Good Time Charlies Got The Blues
    Good Times
    Good Timin
    Good Timing Man
    Good To Be Alive
    Good To My Baby
    Good Tradition
    Good Vibrations
    Good Year For The Roses
    Goodbye Baby
    Goodbye Blue Sky
    Goodbye Columbus
    Goodbye Cruel World
    Goodbye Is Forever
    Good-Bye Jenny
    Goodbye Jimmy Goodbye
    Goodbye Marlon Brando
    Goodbye Mickey Finn
    Goodbye Milky Way
    Goodbye My Love
    Goodbye Stranger
    Goodbye To Love
    Goodbye To Wondering
    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
    Goodie Bag
    Goodman Rag
    Goodmorning Heartache
    Goodnight Billie
    Goodnight Irene
    Goodnight John Dee
    Goodnight Moon
    Goodnight My Love
    Goodnight Sweetheart
    Goodnight Tonight
    Goodnight Vienna
    Goody Goody
    Goody Goody
    Goody Goody Gum Drops
    Goody Goody Gumdrops
    Goody Two Shoes
    Goon Squad
    Goonies R Good Enough
    Goons Of Hazzard
    Gore Hog
    Gospel Medley
    Gospel Plow
    Gospels In Dusk
    Gossip Folks
    Got A Backbeat
    Got A Date With An Angel
    Got A Feelin
    Got A Girl
    Got A Heart
    Got A Hold On Me
    Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do
    Got Caught Dealin
    Got Dynamite
    Got It And Gone
    Got Leavin On Her Mind
    Got Me Going
    Got Me Waiting
    Got My Heart Set On You
    Got My Mind Set On You
    Got My Mojo Workin
    Got My Own Thing
    Got My Vans On
    Got Rice Bitch
    Got Some Teeth
    Got The Feelin'
    Got To Be Certain
    Got To Be Real
    Got To Be There
    Got To Believe
    Got To Believe In Magic
    Got To Get Away
    Got To Get Myself Together
    Got To Get You Into My Life
    Got To Give It Up
    Got You On My Mind
    Gotham City
    Gothic Belief
    Gothic Christmas
    Gothic Girl
    Gothic Lolita
    Gothic Soul
    Gotta Be A Sin
    Gotta Be Kidding
    Gotta Be This Or That
    Gotta Boogie
    Gotta Get Away
    Gotta Get Mean
    Gotta Get Over You
    Gotta Get Some Shut Eye
    Gotta Getcha
    Gotta Go My Own Way
    Gotta Jibboo
    Gotta Keep Moving
    Gotta Know Now
    Gotta Lotta
    Gotta Lotta Walls
    Gotta Love It
    Gotta Move On
    Gotta See Jane
    Gotta Serve Somebody
    Gotta Travel On
    Gouge Away
    Government Decides
    Government Lies
    Grab It For A Second
    Grace And Love
    Grace Cathedral Hill
    Grace Cece Winans
    Grace Kelly
    Grace Kelly Blues
    Grace Of My Life
    Grace That Is Greater
    Grace Under Pressure
    Graceful And Charming
    Graceful Fat Sheba
    Graduated Fool
    Graduation Day
    Graduations Here
    Graffiti Bridge
    Graham Greene
    Grail Overfloweth
    Grails Mysteries
    Grain Of Salt
    Grain Towers
    Grand Canyon
    Grand Larceny
    Grand Leveller
    Grand Theft Autumn
    Grandad's Little Ditty
    Grandma Don't Be A Snitch
    Grandmother Song
    Grandstanding From The Cheap Seats
    Grange Hall Dance
    Granite Statue
    Granny Cool
    Granny Goodbye
    Granpa Gamelight
    Gran's For Tea
    Grantchester Meadows
    Grapefruit Moon
    Grass Is Greener
    Grateful Days
    Gratefully Disappeared
    Gratitude Walks
    Grave Digger Blues
    Grave Ideals (Nekromaniak)
    Grave Of Opportunity
    Grave Robber
    Grave Robbing Usa
    Grave Wisdom
    Gravel Pit
    Graves Beyond Windows
    Graveyard Of Angels
    Graveyard Picnic
    Graveyard Poem
    Graveyards And Dead Angels
    Gravitation Of Night
    Gravity Rides Everything
    Gravity Well
    Gravity's Rainbow
    Gravy Chain
    Gray Stables
    Gray Summer Day
    Grazed Knees
    Grazin In The Grass
    Grazing In The Grass
    Grease Lightning
    Grease Medley
    Grease Megamix
    Greasy Grass River
    Greasy Heart
    Great Airplane Strike
    Great American Sharpshooter
    Great American Success Story
    Great And Mighty
    Great Awakening
    Great Balls Of Fire
    Great Big Lie
    Great Big Mystery
    Great Big Tears
    Great British Mistake
    Great Escape
    Great Heart
    Great Is The Lord
    Great July Jones
    Great Lake Canoe
    Great Leap Forwards
    Great Milenko
    Great Old Ones
    Great Pioneer
    Great Pretender
    Great Selchie Of Shule Skerry
    Great Soul Of Steel
    Great Speckled Bird
    Great Spirits
    Great To Be Alive
    Greater Omaha
    Greatest Hits
    Greatest Love Of All
    Greatest Story Ever Told
    Greatful Days
    Greed Hate Envy
    Greedy Fly
    Greedy Kipper
    Greek Song
    Green Apples
    Green Bananas
    Green Christmas
    Green Dolphin Street
    Green Door
    Green Eggs And Swine
    Green Eyed Lady
    Green Eyes
    Green Fields
    Green Fields Of France
    Green Fuzz
    Green Grass
    Green Grow The Rushes
    Green Heart
    Green Jelly Theme
    Green Koolaide
    Green Lake's Ground
    Green Lantern
    Green Leaves
    Green Light
    Green Mansions
    Green Mountain
    Green Pea Soup
    Green River
    Green River
    Green Tambourine
    Green World
    Greenback Dollar
    Greencard Husband
    Greener Grass
    Greener With The Scenery
    Greenland Whale Fisheries
    Greens Cornbread
    Greensboro Woman
    Greensward Grey
    Greenwich Mean Time
    Greeny Green
    Greetings From Imrie
    Greetings From The Gallows
    Greezy Wheezy
    Grenade Jumper
    Grey Blue Eyes
    Grey Box
    Grey Diamond Desert
    Grey Dusk Of Eve
    Grey Goose
    Grey Harpoon
    Grey Lady Of The Sea
    Grey Seal
    Grey Victory
    Grey Will Fade
    Gri Dorian
    Grief Barrier
    Grief Never Grows Old
    Grieve Stricken Heart
    Grim Apparitions
    Grim Facts
    Grim Luxuria
    Grimland Domain
    Grimly Fiendish
    Grimme Pain
    Grin Gosano
    Grin Of Winter
    Grind Me In The Gears
    Grinding Halt
    Grinding My Life Away
    Grip Of The Groove
    Gripped By Fear
    Grippin On My Bed Ft. Ludacris
    Grits Ain't Groceries
    Grizzly To Honey
    Grocery Blues
    Groove Is In The Heart
    Groove Jet
    Groove Line
    Groove Me
    Groove My Mind
    Groove To The Sound
    Groove Tonight
    Groove With You
    Grooviest Girl In The World
    Groovy Kind Of Love
    Groovy Little Hippie Pad
    Groovy Situation
    Groovy Times
    Grossman The Meatman
    Ground Breaking
    Ground Hog's Day
    Ground Zero
    Ground Zero Brooklin
    Groundbreaking Sound
    Groundhog Day
    Group Sex
    Groupie Love
    Groupie Tha Dogg Pound
    Grow Room
    Grow Some Funk Of Your Own
    Grow Up
    Grow Up And Blow Away
    Growin Love
    Growing Away From Me
    Growing In Grace
    Growing Old Is Getting Old
    Growing Pains
    Growing Up
    Grown And Sexy
    Grown Shit
    Grrly Jungle
    Grunge Betty
    Grunge Pig
    Grunt And Click
    Guardian Angel
    Guardian Of Mankind
    Guardian Of The Blind
    Guardian Of The Night
    Guardians Of Destiny
    Guardians Of Time
    Guava Jelly
    Gucci Bandana
    Gucci Forema
    Guelah Papyrus
    Guerilla Monsoon
    Guerra De Heroes
    Guerrilla Carnival
    Guess I Should Know
    Guess Things Happen That Way
    Guess Who's Back
    Guessing Games
    Guest List
    Guest Of The Inquisition
    Guide For The Married Man
    Guide My Feet
    Guide Vocal
    Guided By Wire
    Guiding Star
    Guilford Fall
    Guilt And Regreat
    Guilt In A Suitcase
    Guilt Is A Useless Emotion
    Guilt On Skin
    Guilty As Sin
    Guilty Footsteps
    Guilty Of Being White
    Guilty Of Innocence
    Guitar Heaven
    Guitar Man
    Guitars And Tiki Bars
    Guitars Of The Heart
    Gulf Coast Blues
    Gulf Shores
    Gully Side
    Gully Sit'n
    Gum Drop
    Gumby Theme Song
    Gummy Bear
    Gun Fury Of Riot Forces
    Gun Love
    Gun Runners
    Gun Shot
    Gunga Din
    Gunning Down Romance
    Gunpowder And Lead
    Guns And Cigarettes
    Guns Before Butter
    Guns For Show
    Guns In The Sky
    Guns 'N' Roses
    Guns Of Brixton
    Guns Of September
    Gunshot Glitter
    Gusto Blusto
    Gusto Kita
    Gutless Sympathizer
    Gutra's Garden
    Guts And The Glory
    Gutta Butta
    Gutta Chick
    Gutter Butter
    Gutter Glitter
    Gutters Full Of Rain
    Guy Is A Guy
    Gwar Theme
    Gwendolyn Sings Sin
    Gym Class
    Gypsies In The Palace
    Gypsy Boots
    Gypsy Cried
    Gypsy Dance
    Gypsy Eyes
    Gypsy Honeymoon
    Gypsy In My Soul
    Gypsy Lounge
    Gypsy Queen
    Gypsy Rose Lee
    Gypsy Wind
    Gypsy Woman
    Gypsys Tramps And Thieves
    Gypsy's Tramps Thieves


Les inscriptions au LOF de colleys depuis 1951.

1951 : 240
1952 : 275
1953 : 251
1954 : 313
1955 : 336
1956 : 471
1957 : 475
1958 : 699
1959 : 678
1960 : 493
1961 : 595
1962 : 738
1963 : 716
1964 : 692
1965 : 702
1966 : 818
1967 : 998
1968 : ?
1969 : 981
1970 : 1169
1971 : 1386
1972 : 1444
1973 : 1649
1974 : 1841
1975 : 2338
1976 : 2219
1977 : 2760
1978 : 2957
1979 : 3052
1980 : 3882
1981 : 4109
1982 : 4647
1983 : 4672
1984 : 4848
1985 : 4716
1986 : 4347
1987 : 4124
1988 : 3912
1989 : 3802
1990 : 3857
1991 : 3652
1992 : 3131
1993 : 3112
1994 : 2281
1995 : 2334
1996 : 2128
1997 : 1797
1998 : 1692
1999 : 1465
2000 : 1313
2001 : 1372
2002 : 1398
2003 : 1374 + 5p.ras (smooth)
2004 : 1258 + 11
2005 : 1217 + 12
2006 : 1238 + 12
2007 : 1122 + 29
2008 : 1338 + 12
2009 : 1105 + 31
2010 : 1257 + 33

Inscriptions totales au LOF en 2010: 198 029 inscriptions (186 026 en 2009), soit une hausse de 6,5% par rapport à 2009.

Nous maintenons l'avis formulé depuis maintenant plusieurs années. Le Colley semble avoir trouvé un équilibre avec des naissances dont le nombre fluctue dans un tunnel horizontal compris entre 1200 et 1300 naissances annuelles. Un constat que nous faisons depuis quelques années, abstraction faite des aléas économico-sociaux.

Rappel du commentaire fait en 2010:
En 2009, là où certains voyaient déjà un retour en grâce du Colley, nous faisions ce commentaire pour tenter d'expliquer la hausse surprise des inscriptions LOF de Colleys en 2008:

  • Inscriptions totales au LOF en 2008: +5% par rapport à 2007
  • Chute des races concernées par la législation sur les chiens dangereux:
             - Rottweiler -36% - American Staffordshire -15% - Dogue Argentin -15%
  • 2 facteurs qui peuvent expliquer une hausse des inscriptions pour la majorité des autres races.
    Le Colley comptabilise 19% d'inscriptions en plus par rapport à l'année précédente. On peut remarquer que toutes les races bergères proches du Colley (voir ci-dessous) sont en hausse, excepté le Bearded Collie. Certaines, Border Collie et Berger Australien, faisant un bond spectaculaire de presque 30%.
    On ne peut donc pas parler d'un retour en grâce du Colley. Il bénéficie certainement des 2 facteurs exposés plus haut. Il ne fait d'ailleurs que confirmer une stabilisation des inscriptions débutée en 2000. Tant mieux, pourrions nous dire.

Un an plus tard, nous pouvons vérifier la justesse de ce commentaire après publication par la SCC des inscriptions LOF 2009: 1105 pour le Colley à poil long, soit une diminution de 17% des inscriptions en 1 an.
Les graves événements économiques qui font de 2009 une année noire sur le plan salarial et social ont amplifié le reflux des inscriptions de Colleys dont la hausse de 2008 avait été provoquée artificiellement.
Sans cette crise économique, on peut penser que les inscriptions se seraient situées dans le tunnel qui prévaut depuis 6 ans, soit entre 1200 et 1300.
A part le Berger Australien qui ne semble pas connaître la crise (il progresse de 14% d'une année sur l'autre), toutes les races bergères proches du Colley stagnent ou perdent quelques fractions.
Il serait légitime de se demander pourquoi le Berger Australien, un chien relativement proche du Colley en aspect et morphologie, connait un tel engouement de la part du public. Là où le Colley connait au contraire une désaffection maintenant chronique.




Les chiens de berger issus de la famille Collie:

BORDER COLLIE 1800 (1820 en 2009 et 1881 en 2008) Le Border Collie
COLLIE P.Long 1257  
COLLIE P.Court 33  
BERGER AUSTRALIEN 4913 (3809 en 2009 et 3325 en 2008) Le Berger Australien
BEARDED COLLIE 503 (528 en 2009 et 512 en 2008) Le Bearded Collie
SHETLAND 1289 (1099 en 2009 et 1124 en 2008) Le Shetland
BOBTAIL 209 (230 en 2009 et 232 en 2008) Le Bobtail
AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOG ou Bouvier Australien 79 (77 en 2009 et 78 en 2008) Le Bouvier Australien
KELPIE 21 (20 en 2009 et 18 en 2008) Le Kelpie


Chiots et portées. Puppies


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