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2010, c'est l'année des F

Collie online vous propose quelques noms pour sortir des sentiers battus. Une source d'inspiration ou à utiliser directement.

Mais, au fait...! Pourquoi ces noms?
Avec Aniwa, nous vous proposons l'historique de ce système de lettrage.

Ce retour sur le passé nous incite aussi à illustrer ces 2 pages avec des photos de vieilles cartes postales ayant pour thème le Colley. Nous remercions ici Jean-Claude Agoutin (Elevage de Cabrenysset) qui a proposé à Collie online ces remarquables dessins pour publication.

2010, c'est l'année des F

1230 noms pour sortir des sentiers battus...!

  • Fabulous
    Fabulous Boy
    Fabulous Character
    Face Down
    Face In A Crowd
    Face Of God
    Face Play
    Face The Hangman
    Face The Music
    Face The Strange
    Face To Face
    Fachmann In Sachen Anna
    Facts Of Life
    Facts of Life Theme song
    Fadaye Saret
    Fade Away
    Fade To Black
    Fade To Blue
    Fade Together
    Faded Love
    Faded Pictures
    Fading Lights
    Fading Like A Flower
    Failure to Launch
    Fair Doreen
    Fair Lady
    Fair Maiden
    Fair Milady
    Fair Play
    Fair To You
    Fairies Of The Rain
    Fairies Wear Boots
    Fairl Weather Friend
    Fairly Odd Parents
    Fairy Bread
    Fairy Frolic
    Fairy Tale
    Fairy Tale Of New York
    Fairy Tell Gold
    Fairytale Gone Bad
    Fairytales And Castles
    Faith And Hope
    Faith and Philosophy
    Faith Can Move a Mountain
    Faith Healer
    Faith In Something Bigger
    Faith In The Devil
    Faith Won't Fail
    Faithful Forever
    Faithful Old Flame
    Faithful Promised Felicity
    Faithless The Wonder Boy
    Fake a Smile
    Fake Bonanza
    Fake Flowers
    Fake Light From The Sun
    Fall Again
    Fall At Your Feet
    Fall Away
    Fall Baby Fall
    Fall Children
    Fall For Anything
    Fall For You
    Fall From The Sky
    Fall in Love
    Fall In Love With Me
    Fall Into Sleep
    Fall Into Your Dreams
    Fall To Pieces
    Fall Together
    Fallen Angel
    Fallen For You
    Fallen Leaves
    Fallen Snow
    Fallen Star
    Fallin' Faster
    Fallin In Love
    Fallin' Out
    Falling Again
    Falling At Your Feet
    Falling Away
    Falling Down
    Falling For You
    Falling Hard
    Falling In Love
    Falling In Love With Love
    Falling Into Grace
    Falling Leaves
    Falling Man
    Falling Off The Wagon
    Falling Out Of Love
    Falling Rain
    Falling Stars
    Falls Back On
    Falls To Climb
    Fame And Fortune
    Familiar Landscapes
    Family Affair
    Family Fundamentals
    Family Of Noise
    Family Therapy
    Family Tradition
    Family Tree
    Famous Blue Raincoat
    Famous Final Scene
    Famous Flags
    Famous Groupies
    Famous Hero
    Famous Last Words
    Famous Life
    Famous Night Rider
    Fan Or Foe
    Fancy Dancer
    Fancy Free
    Fancy Pants
    Fancy Passes
    Fancyman Blues
    Fanfan la Tulipe
    Fannie Mae
    Fannin County
    Fanny Bee
    Fanny Black
    Fanny Hill Ever Blue
    Fantaisie Bleue
    Fantaisie Blue
    Fantastic Dream
    Fantastic Four
    Fantastic Voyage
    Fantasy Magic
    Fantasy Mary
    Fantasy Remix
    Fantasy Ride
    Fantasy Rush
    Fantine Lovely
    Far Away
    Far Away From You
    Far Away Places
    Far Cry
    Far From Heaven
    Fara in Sabina
    Farah Dibah
    Faraway Voice
    Fare Thee Well
    Fare-Thee-Well To Harlem
    Farewell Angelina
    Farewell My Love
    Farewell Party
    Farewell Rain
    Farewell To The Fairground
    Farewell To The Farm
    Farim town
    Farmer And Raven
    Farmer Ferdinand Hudson
    Farmer in the Dell
    Fascinatin' Rhythm
    Fashion Nugget
    Fashion Party
    Fashion Show
    Fast And Furious
    Fast As You
    Fast As You Can
    Fast Company
    Fast Food
    Fast Runner
    Fast Shadow
    Faster Than Light
    Faster The Chase
    Fat And Skinny
    Fat Bottomed Girls
    Fat Boy
    Fat Boys And Ugly Girls
    Fat Sweaty Betty
    Fatal Attraction
    Fatal Charm
    Fatal Hesitation
    Fate Moves In Mysterious Ways
    Fate Of The Sadness
    Fate Stay With Me
    Fatet Sineen
    Father God We Glorify
    Father How Wide Thy Glories Shine
    Father Of Glory To Thy Name
    Father Of Night
    Father of the Bride
    Father Son And Holy Ghost
    Father Whose Everlasting Love
    Fathers' Day
    Father's Son
    Fatty Girl
    Fatty Mcgee
    Faubert Waltz
    Favorite Girl
    Favorite Son
    Favorite Year
    Faxed Back
    Fazil's Friend
    Fear Dot Com
    Fear Facteur
    Fear Of Flying
    Fear Of The Dark
    Fear Of Tomorrow
    Fear Or Flying
    Fear Rules
    Fear The Sea
    Fear Your Lies
    Fearing These Days
    Fearless Boogie
    Fearless Heart
    Feast of Love
    Feather In Your Cap
    Feathery Wings
    February Song
    February Star
    Federal Agent
    Fée Dorée
    Fee Fi Fo
    Fee Fi Fo Fum
    Feed Black
    Feed It A Memory
    Feed Me
    Feed My Dreams
    Feeding The Witches
    Feel Alright
    Feel Bad Vibe
    Feel Flows
    Feel For Me
    Feel For You
    Feel Good Time
    Feel it Again
    Feel Like Christmas
    Feel Like Dance
    Feel Like Falling
    Feel Like Home
    Feel Like Making Love
    Feel Me
    Feel Me Flow
    Feel My Soul
    Feel My Way
    Feel So Good
    Feel The Breeze
    Feel The Flow
    Feel The Love
    Feel the Quiet River
    Feel The Rush
    Feel The Strain Of Sorrow
    Feel This
    Feel This Way
    Feel Your Breeze
    Feelgood Lies
    Feelin Alright
    Feelin' Good
    Feelin' Kinda Sunday
    Feelin On Yo Booty
    Feelin Stronger Every Day
    Feelin' This
    Feelin' You
    Feeling Blonde
    Feeling Good
    Feeling you, Feeling Me
    Feelings Show
    Feels Like The First Time
    Feels So Good
    Feet In The Clouds
    Feet Of Clay
    Feet of Flames
    Feherika Blue
    Felicia Black
    Felina Black
    Féline Sombre
    Fell Your Love
    Femme Fatal
    Femme Fatale
    Femme Libérée
    Femme Plume
    Fenja Black
    Fer Sure
    Fermi Senza Forma
    Ferrero's Rocher
    Ferris Wheel
    Ferry Cross The Mersey
    Ferry Of Shadowtown
    Ferryland Sealer
    Festival Song
    Feudin And Fightin
    Fever For The Flava
    Fever Heat
    Fever Pitch
    Fever Sleeves
    Few Good Men
    Fianco a Fianco
    Fiddle About
    Fiddle And The Drum
    Fiddle Dee Dee
    Fiddle Riddle
    Fiddler's Black
    Fiddler's Blue
    Fiddlers Green
    Fidgety Feet
    Field Commander Cohen
    Field Good
    Field Of Dreams
    Fields Of Gold
    Fields Of Innocence
    Fields Of Joy
    Fields Of Plenty
    Fields Of Regret
    Fiend For Blood
    Fiening You
    Fierce People
    Fifteen Rhema
    Fifteen Years Ago
    Fifth Element
    Fifth Period
    Fifty Sixty
    Fifty-Fifty Chance
    Figadoh Snoop Dogg
    Fight For Freedom
    Fight For This Love
    Fight For You Mind
    Fight For Your Right
    Fight From The Inside
    Fight It Back
    Fight Like A Brave
    Fight Outta You
    Fight The Blues
    Fight The Force
    Fight The Power
    Fight Till You Die
    Fight To Unite
    Fight With Tools
    Fightin' Over Me
    Fightin The War
    Fighting Dreamers
    Fighting For Peace
    Fighting In a Sack
    Fighting Spirit
    Fighting Temptations
    Fighting Windmills
    Fighting With Clay
    Figli Delle Tenebre
    Fijne Vent
    Fileas Fog
    Filipino Baby
    Fill Me In
    Fill Your Heart
  • Fille Du Soleil
    Fille Du Vent
    Fille Sauvage
    Filled With Shame
    Filona Leona
    Filth In The Beauty
    Filthy Beasts
    Filthy Flow
    Filthy Greedy Guilt
    Fim Do Mundo
    Final Answer
    Final Call
    Final Chapters
    Final Countdown
    Final Cut
    Final Destination
    Final Fantasy
    Final Goodbye
    Final Heartbreak
    Final Move
    Final Resolution
    Final Sky
    Finale from Blues Opera
    Finale From Saratoga
    Finally Forever
    Finally Found
    Finally Out Of Pe
    Finally Woken
    Find A Way
    Find Another Fool
    Find Another Way
    Find Me
    Find Me An Angel
    Find My Baby
    Find The River
    Find Your Way Back
    Find Yourself a Man
    Finders Are Keepers
    Finders Keepers
    Finding Amanda
    Finding Forrester
    Finding My Road
    Finding My Way
    Finding Nemo
    Finding Neverland
    Fine Again
    Fine And Dandy
    Fine And Mellow
    Fine Fine Day
    Fine Romance
    Fine Time
    Finest Craftsman
    Finger Lickin' Good
    Finger Poppin Time
    Fingers And Toes
    Fingers Crossed
    Finish Line
    Finistère Amer
    Finlay Blue Domino
    Fio Maravilha
    Fiola Black Magic
    Fiona Apple Girl
    Fire And Ice
    Fire And Rain
    Fire And The Thud
    Fire Bomb
    Fire Coming Out
    Fire Escape
    Fire In The Belly
    Fire In The Morning
    Fire Inside The Man
    Fire Is Everything
    Fire Lake
    Fire Maple Song
    Fire on the Amazon
    Fire On The Mountain
    Fire Sign
    Fire Water Burn
    Fire Your Guns
    Firehouse Dog
    Fire's Burning
    Fires Of Eden
    First Aider
    First Blood
    First Crush
    First Cut is The Deepest
    First Dance
    First Date
    First Date First Kiss First Love
    First Day Of Summer
    First Descent
    First Doom
    First Episode
    First Good-bye
    First In Line
    First Kid
    First Kiss
    First Knight
    First Lady
    First Love
    First Night
    First Of May
    First Power
    First Snow
    First Step Of Love
    First Strike
    First Things
    First Time
    First Time Hero
    First Time I Saw You
    First To Fall
    First Touch
    First Try
    First We Pray
    First Wives Club
    Firt Day Of My Life
    Fischerman's Friend
    Fish And Chips
    Fish Heads
    Fisher King
    Fisherman's Blues
    Fisherman's Chronicles
    Fisherman's Delight
    Fishin In The Dark
    Fishy Fishy
    Fisica o Quimica
    Fistful of Dollars
    Fistful Of Steel
    Fit To Fly
    Fitter Happier
    Five Against The World
    Five Candles
    Five Cookies
    Five Crispy Pancakes
    Five Currant Buns
    Five Fat Peas
    Five Fingers
    Five Green Shamrocks
    Five Hearts Breaking
    Five Hundred Miles
    Five Little Bees
    Five Little Snowflakes
    Five Little Snowmen
    Five Long Years
    Five Magics
    Five Minutes More
    Five Nails
    Five O'Clock Whistle
    Five On The Five
    Five Sleepy Heads
    Five Vicodin Chased
    Fix Me Now
    Fix You
    Fixation On The Darkness
    Fixin' To Die
    Fixing a Hole
    Fizzo Got Flow
    Flag And Finger
    Flag Day
    Flag Song
    Flagburning Dakota
    Flagpole Sitta
    Flagrant Délire
    Flags of Our Fathers
    Flagship Eleanor
    Flaky Hoz
    Flame Fallow
    Flame In My Heart
    Flame Of Love
    Flame Trees
    Flame Turns Blue
    Flamenco Bleu
    Flamenco Cabaret
    Flames Of Paradise
    Flaming Black Jack
    Flaming Legend Darian
    Flaming Pie
    Flaming Star
    Flamingoes Fly
    Flap Your Wings
    Flash Back
    Flash Back Blanky
    Flash Black
    Flash Forward
    Flash of Genius
    Flash Of The Blade
    Flash Point
    Flash To The Rescue
    Flashdance What A Feeling
    Flashes Of Fire
    Flashing Lights
    Flashing on the Sixties
    Flash's Theme
    Flat Earth
    Flat Earth Society
    Flat Foot Floogey
    Flat On The Floor
    Flat-Pack Philosophy
    Flava In Your Ear
    Flava Squad
    Flavor Of The Weak
    Flavour Of The Day
    Flavour Of The Old School
    Flawed Design
    Flaws And All
    Fleet Of Hope
    Flesh For Fantasy
    Flesh Furnace
    Fleur De Lys
    Flick Of The Switch
    Flick Of The Wrist
    Flicker Rocks Harder
    Flickering Flame
    Flies First Class
    Flight Before Christmas
    Flight Of Fury
    Flight Of Kings
    Flight Of The Bootymaster
    Flight of the Cosmic Hippo
    Flight Of The Skajaquada
    Flight Of Yuri Gagarin
    Flight On Broken Wings
    Flight Recorder From Viking
    Flights of Improvisation
    Flintstone Boy
    Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas
    Flip, Flop and Fly
    Flipmode Iz Da Squad
    Flippin' Beans
    Flipside Peedi Crakk
    Flirtin' with Disaster
    Flissy Lovely Angel
    Floating Away
    Floating Bridge
    Floating into the Night
    Floating Lei
    Floating Over You
    Floating World Live
    Flogging The Cargo
    Flood feet Courtney
    Flood Of Tears
    Flooded With Wine
    Floods Of Thy Might
    Floor Filler
    Flor Prometida
    Flor Sin Retono
    Flores Amarillas
    Flores De Alquiler
    Flossin Season
    Flotsam And Jetsam
    Flow De Barrio
    Flow Easy
    Flow Easy With Bumpy
    Flow Gangsteril
    Flow Gently Sweet Afton
    Flow Motion
    Flow Natural Beenie Man
    Flow River Flow
    Flower Blue Royal
    Flower Call
    Flower Child
    Flower In The Rain
    Flower Lady
    Flower Meadow
    Flower Of Flesh And Blood
    Flower Of My Heart
    Flower Of Scotland
    Flower On The Earth
    Flowering Spade
    Flowers By The Side Of The Road
    Flowers For Mama
    Flowers For Zoe
    Flowers In The Rain
    Flowers Mean Forgiveness
    Flowers On The Wall
    Flowerstand Man
    Flowin' Prose
    Flowing Glower
    Flown Away
    Floy Joy
    Floyd The Barber
    Fluff's Travels
    Flushed Away
    Flute Loop
    Flutter Girl
    Fly Away
    Fly By Night
    Fly Eagle Fly
    Fly From The Inside
    Fly Like A Bird
    Fly Like An Eagle
    Fly Me To The Moon
    Fly On A Windshield
    Fly On The Wall
    Fly On The Windscreen
    Fly On The Wings Of Love
    Fly Robin Fly
    Fly To Me
    Fly To The Angels
    Fly To Your Heart
    Fly To Your Nest
    Fly With Me
    Flying Blind
    Flying Chimney Sweet
    Flying Dutchman
    Flying Fishmonger
    Flying Home
    Flying Jack
    Flying Solo
    Flying Visit
    Flying Whales
    Flying Without Wings
    Fo Sheezy
    Fo Sho
    Foe The Love
    Foggy Day
    Foggy Mountain Top
    Foiled Again
    Folded Paper Figures
    Folding And Unfolding
    Folk Singer
    Folk Song
    Folks Who Live On The Hill
    Follow If You Lead
    Follow In The Cry
    Follow Me
    Follow Me In Grace
    Follow My Lead
    Follow My Life with Nate Dogg
    Follow That Dream
    Follow The Reaper
    Follow The Wind
    Follow You Down
    Follow You Follow Me
    Follow Your Heart
    Followed The Waves
    Following Me Around
    Following The Voice Of Blood
    Folsom Prison Blues
    Fond Farewell
    Food Aka Aren't You Hungry
    Food Innuendo Guy
    Food Water Shelter Love
    Foo-dang Blaze Ya Dead Homie
    Foodilicious Fergie
    Fool Again
    Fool For Life
    Fool For The Blues
    Fool For You
    Fool For Your Loving
    Fool In Love
  • Fool In The Rain
    Fool Never Learns
    Fool No More
    Fool Number One
    Fool On The Hill
    Fool That I Am
    Fool The World
    Fool To Cry
    Fooled Around And Fell In Love
    Fooled Ya Baby
    Fooling Yourself
    Foolish Beat
    Foolish Behaviour
    Foolish Games
    Foolish Heart
    Foolish Little Girl
    Foolish Lullaby
    Foolish Pride
    Fools Fall In Love
    Fools Get Lucky
    Fool's Gold
    Fools In Fashion
    Fools In Love
    Fools Paradise
    Fool's Paradise
    Fools Rush In
    Foot' Attitude
    Foot Of Pride
    Foot Of The Mountain
    Football Crazy
    Football Fairy Story
    Footprints In The Snow
    Footprints On My Heart
    Footsteps In Loyola
    For a Dream
    For A Fair Desire
    For a Few Dollars
    For A Little While
    For A Million
    For A While
    For Aegis
    For All My Ladies
    For All That You Want
    For All The Cows
    For All These Years
    For All Time
    For All We Know
    For America
    For Baby
    For Blood Honour And Soil
    For Blue Skies
    For Britain Only
    For Crying Out Loud
    For Da Low
    For Emily
    For Evangeline
    For Every Evil
    For Every Mountain
    For Far Too Long
    For Freedom of Avalon
    For God And Country
    For Good Kristin Chenoweth
    For Heavens Sake
    For He's A Jolly Good Fellow
    For Hire
    For Honour And Land
    For Just A Moment
    For Keeps
    For Love And Failing
    For Love of Ivy
    For Love or Mummy
    For Lovers Only
    For Lovin Me
    For Michael Collins
    For Michael with Jethro Tull
    For My Days Are Vanity
    For My Lil Niggas
    For My Lover
    For No Reason
    For Now And Ever
    For Nowwe Toast
    For Ol' Times Sake
    For Once In My Life
    For Openers Welcome Home
    For Pete's Sake
    For Queen and Country
    For Reasons Unknown
    For Richer or Poorer
    For Sentimental Reasons
    For Songs We Were Singing
    For The Broken Hearted
    For The Dishwasher
    For The First Time
    For The Good Of Them
    For The Good Times
    For The Heart
    For The Love Of Ivy
    For The Love Of You
    For The Maggots
    For The Moments I Feel Faint
    For The Nasty
    For The Sake Of Heaviness
    For The Stabwounds In Our Backs
    For The Wolves
    For Today
    For Tomorrow
    For You
    For You Blue
    For You I Will
    For Your Babies
    For Your Baby
    For Your Consideration
    For Your Eyes Only
    For Your Life
    For Your Love
    Forbidden Fruit Sapientia
    Forbidden Kingdom
    Forbidden Love
    Force Behind The Power
    Force of Nature
    Forces of Nature
    Foreign Correspondent
    Foreign Lands
    Foreign Policy
    Forest Of Summoned Spirits
    Forever Amber
    Forever And Ever
    Forever Blue
    Forever Christmas Eve
    Forever Endeavor
    Forever Holy
    Forever In Blue Jeans
    Forever Longing The Golden Sunsets
    Forever Man
    Forever Mind
    Forever Not Yours
    Forever Now
    Forever Or Never
    Forever Pimpin
    Forever Strong
    Forever Yellow Skies
    Forever Young
    Forged In Flames
    Forget About the Future
    Forget Domani
    Forget Everything
    Forget Me
    Forget Me Never
    Forget Me Not
    Forget That Girl
    Forget The Swan
    Forget To Remember
    Forgetting Sarah Marshall
    Forgotten Latchkey
    Forlorn Blessings To The Dreamking
    Forlorn Fatality
    Former Lee Warmer
    Formula For Freedom
    Forrest Gump
    Forsaken Horizon
    Fort Lauderdale
    Fortress Around Your Heart
    Fortunate Son
    Fortune Cookie
    Fortune Faded
    Fortune My Foe
    Fortune Teller
    Fortunes Of Misfortune
    Fortunes Of War
    Forty Or Fifty
    Forty Shades
    Forty Shades of Blue
    Forty Shades Of Green
    Forty-Second Street
    Fouiny Flow
    Foul Parody Of The Lord
    Found A Peanut
    Found Out About You
    Fountain In The Rain
    Fountain of Lamneth
    Fountain Of Life
    Fountain Of Love
    Four Christmases
    Four Cornered Lives
    Four Crossed Wands
    Four Feathers
    Four Fingered Fisherman
    Four In The Morning
    Four Little Diamonds
    Four Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
    Four Seasons Of Loneliness
    Four Sticks
    Four Stiff Standers
    Four To The Floor
    Four Until Late
    Four Walls
    Four Walls Of Raiford
    Four Words From A Heartbreak
    Fourth Time Around
    Fourth Wise Man
    Fox Boogie
    Foxtrot Uniform Charlie
    Foxy Lady
    Fraggle Rawk
    Framboise Menthe
    Framed In Blood
    Frank And Ava
    Frank Lloyd Wright
    Frank Mills
    Frankfurt Special
    Frankie And Albert
    Frankie And Johnny
    Frankie Carroll
    Franklin's Tower
    Freak Like Me
    Freak On A Leash
    Freak Show
    Freaky As She Wanna Be
    Freaky Deaky
    Freaky Friday
    Freaky In The Club
    Freaky Styley
    Freddy got Fingered
    Free And Easy
    Free as a Bumble Bee
    Free As The Wind
    Free Enterprise
    Free Fallin
    Free Kevin Kjonaas
    Free Loop
    Free Ride
    Free Speech For The Dumb
    Free Style
    Free The People
    Free To Be A Woman
    Free To Decide
    Free Your Mind
    Freebird In A Firebird
    Freed From Desire
    Freedom Ain't Free
    Freedom Begins Here
    Freedom Don't Last Forever
    Freedom Of Choice
    Freedom of Speech
    Freedom Overspill
    Freedom Rider
    Freedom Writers
    Freedom's Finally Mine
    Freek Show
    Freestyle Conversation
    Freeway Of Love
    Freewheel Burning
    Freeze Frame
    Freezing Rain
    Freight Train Blues
    Freight Train Boogie
    French Coffee
    French Crafty Girl
    French Foreign Legion
    French Kiss
    French Kissin Life
    French Kissing
    French Lover
    French Shore
    French Song
    French Waltz
    Frenetic Amnesic
    Frequent Flyer
    Fresh Blood
    Fresh Deadly Roses
    Fresh Outta Da Whip
    Fresh Prince Of Bel Air
    Freshly Squeezed
    Freshman Song
    Friday Night
    Friday Night In Dixie
    Friday Night Lights
    Fridays Child
    Friend Of Mine
    Friend of the Devil
    Friend Or Foe
    Friends In Love
    Friends O' Mine
    Friends With Benefits
    Friendship Cake
    Friendship Is A Touchy Subject
    Friendship Train
    Friendship's Field
    Friggin In The Riggin
    Frimousse Blonde
    Frio Infierno
    Fritz Love My Tits
    Frog He Would A-wooing Go
    Frog Song
    Froggie Went A Courtin
    Frogs And Princes
    From A Balance Beam
    From A Buried Heart
    From A Distance
    From A Jack To A King
    From Ashes And Dust
    From Beyond The Grave
    From Dago To La
    From Despair To Where
    From Dusk Till Dawn
    From Heaven From Hell
    From Hell
    From Hell To Paradise
    From Loving You
    From Myself Baby
    From One Blood
    From One Heart To Another
    From Out Of Nowhere
    From Rush Hour With Love
    From Seven Til Ten
    From The Aisle
    From The Ashes
    From The Beginning
    From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart
    From The Castle In The Fog
    From The Damage
    From The Heart
    From The Manger To The Cross
    From The Ritz To The Rubble
    From The Sky
    From The Town Of Workington
    From This Moment On
    From Wisdom To Hate
    Front Page Story
    Front Row
    Frontin Like Your Daddy
    Frontline Warrior
    Frost And Front Steps
    Frosty The Snow Man
    Frosty The Snowman
    Frowning Atahuallpa
    Frozen Charlotte
    Frozen Landscape
    Frozen River
    Fryin Cryin
    Fuego De Noche
    Fugitive Kind
    Fugue For Tinhorns
    Full Attention
    Full Circle
    Full Colour Is The Night
    Full Monty
    Full Moon
    Full Moon Dirty Hearts
    Full Of Fire
    Full Of Grace
    Full of It
    Full Of Sorrow
    Full On Kevin's Mom
    Full Steezy
    Full Throttle
    Fulltime Killer
    Fully Alive
    Fun with Dick and Jane
    Funky Cold Medina
    Funky Pretty
    Funky Town
    Funky Town Percy
    Funny Dream
    Funny Face
    Funny Games
    Funny Honey
    Funny Little Fellow
    Funny Little Frog
    Funny People
    Funny Way Of Laughin
    Fury In Your Eyes
    Future Foe Scenarios
    Future Is Clear
    Fuzzbox Voodoo
    Fuzzy Wuzzy


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1978 : 2957
1979 : 3052
1980 : 3882
1981 : 4109
1982 : 4647
1983 : 4672
1984 : 4848
1985 : 4716
1986 : 4347
1987 : 4124
1988 : 3912
1989 : 3802
1990 : 3857
1991 : 3652
1992 : 3131
1993 : 3112
1994 : 2281
1995 : 2334
1996 : 2128
1997 : 1797
1998 : 1692
1999 : 1465
2000 : 1313
2001 : 1372
2002 : 1398
2003 : 1374 + 5p.ras (smooth)
2004 : 1258 + 11
2005 : 1217 + 12
2006 : 1238 + 12
2007 : 1122 + 29
2008 : 1338 + 12
2009 : 1105 + 31

Inscriptions totales au LOF en 2009: 186 026 inscriptions, soit une légère baisse de 2,8% par rapport à 2008

En 2009, là où certains voyaient déjà un retour en grâce du Colley, nous faisions ce commentaire pour tenter d'expliquer la hausse surprise des inscriptions LOF de Colleys en 2008:

  • Inscriptions totales au LOF en 2008: +5% par rapport à 2007
  • Chute des races concernées par la législation sur les chiens dangereux:
             - Rottweiler -36% - American Staffordshire -15% - Dogue Argentin -15%
  • 2 facteurs qui peuvent expliquer une hausse des inscriptions pour la majorité des autres races.
    Le Colley comptabilise 19% d'inscriptions en plus par rapport à l'année précédente. On peut remarquer que toutes les races bergères proches du Colley (voir ci-dessous) sont en hausse, excepté le Bearded Collie. Certaines, Border Collie et Berger Australien, faisant un bond spectaculaire de presque 30%.
    On ne peut donc pas parler d'un retour en grâce du Colley. Il bénéficie certainement des 2 facteurs exposés plus haut. Il ne fait d'ailleurs que confirmer une stabilisation des inscriptions débutée en 2000. Tant mieux, pourrions nous dire.

Un an plus tard, nous pouvons vérifier la justesse de ce commentaire après publication par la SCC des inscriptions LOF 2009: 1105 pour le Colley à poil long, soit une diminution de 17% des inscriptions en 1 an.
Les graves événements économiques qui font de 2009 une année noire sur le plan salarial et social ont amplifié le reflux des inscriptions de Colleys dont la hausse de 2008 avait été provoquée artificiellement.
Sans cette crise économique, on peut penser que les inscriptions se seraient situées dans le tunnel qui prévaut depuis 6 ans, soit entre 1200 et 1300.
A part le Berger Australien qui ne semble pas connaître la crise (il progresse de 14% d'une année sur l'autre), toutes les races bergères proches du Colley stagnent ou perdent quelques fractions.
Il serait légitime de se demander pourquoi le Berger Australien, un chien relativement proche du Colley en aspect et morphologie, connait un tel engouement de la part du public. Là où le Colley connait au contraire une désaffection maintenant chronique.




Les chiens de berger issus de la famille Collie:

BORDER COLLIE 1820 (1881 en 2008) Le Border Collie
COLLIE P.Long 1105  
COLLIE P.Court 31  
BERGER AUSTRALIEN 3809 (3325 en 2008) Le Berger Australien
BEARDED COLLIE 528 (512 en 2008) Le Bearded Collie
SHETLAND 1099 (1124 en 2008) Le Shetland
BOBTAIL 230 (232 en 2008) Le Bobtail
AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOG ou Bouvier Australien 77 (78 en 2008) Le Bouvier Australien
KELPIE 20(18 en 2008) Le Kelpie


Chiots et portées. Puppies


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